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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fed Up!!

Hi Everyone,
Sorry no pictures. We have finally got our new computer running but I have no Photo programme now.
I have had to order a replacement on line and wait 10 working days for it to arrive. I know it is coming by snail mail but how can it take 10 working days?!! You would have thought that in the climate we have now, that companies would be keen to get orders out quickly to customers.
So that is why I am fed up.
They have finally finished our drive and it looks great. They came today with some more soil for the beds, so I can get planting. I will post some pictures when I have my programme along with my cards and other project pictures I have taken.
I have also been busy with my friend Sue, arranging our Charity Christmas  Extravaganza Craft Market. We are having it in the East Grinstead Sports Club, where the famous Hockey Team are based. It is on Thursday 6th December from 10am to 2pm. Would love to see some of you that live in the area.
The 2 Charities we are supporting are Brendoncare Stildon, the Charity I have fund raised for 9 years and also The British Heart Foundation, who the Sport Club supports. We are having a raffle and the monies will be split between them both, along with other monies raised.
We have been putting poster and flyers around the town and surrounding villages. Next is the local papers and radio. We are already going into a local magazine.
I have a stall at a market this Saturday and every weekend until our market. My problem is that I am selling so much at the markets, I am struggling to keep my stock levels up.
I painted a canvas with Poppies and put a clock on it. I finished it on the Friday and it was the 3rd item I sold on the Saturday morning!
I was also offered a space for my stall in town, in a shop for 3 days a week. I had to turn it down, as I would not be able to make enough things to sell.
I am now going back to my desk to see if the paint is dry on my latest project.
I will post some piccies as soon as my photo programme arrives.
Thanks for stopping by,
Carol S.xx