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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

A Christmas Scene

Well this has taken 5 days to do!!
From this photo, a wooden village scene, that I 
bought 2 Christmases ago from Hobbycraft,
to the photos below!!

I painted it with Gesso first and had to leave it to dry.
Then I did one coat of grey Acrylic paint where I wanted it
 and had to leave that to dry.
I then painted parts of the windows, brickwork and 
part of the church. with Paper Artsy Chalk Acrylic paint
colour Antarctic.
Then had to let it dry!!

Then I decided the grey was too dark. So I painted over it 
with a lighter shade. That needed two coats and of course,
drying time between coats!!

Then a second coat of the Antarctic paint. 
Then some gold paint
on the clock face and the lanterns.
I used a spatula to spread some white paste, onto 
the 'floors', the roofs and trees, as snow and 
topped it with some glitter.
Put the batteries in and turned the lights on and then
turned the key for the Christmas song played 
and the centre piece rotating!!

Phew!! Hope you are still awake!! 
Sold it straight away, when I sent a text 
 photo of it to friends and family. 

So I will be delivering it to it's new owner soon.
Hope you have enjoyed the few beautiful days
we have had this week.
Thank you for your lovely messages on
my last post, also the ideas for whiskers for
my dogs and cats!! I have used Pauline's at
Crafting at Cotnob idea first. 
I used to make jewellery and had a rummage and
found a whole real of beading thread!! 
It worked out fine, as I could also make it 
black using a Permanent Marker Pen.
So thank you for all your ideas and will try 
out the others too.
Stay safe.
Big hugs,

Wednesday, 1 September 2021


    A friend asked me if I could make a Fox, with my 
    Needle Felting, as a gift for a member of her family. 

As I haven't been doing this for long, I said I would have a go.
So this is my result!!

   She has only seen a photo of him and said he was gorgeous.    
I just need to find something I can use for his 
black whiskers. Cotton is too floppy, even the thick one I had.

All ideas welcome!!

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post.
They were all read and treasured.
I will visit your blogs and leave a message for you.

The cat in the window, my last post, got me another
commission. This time a Dachshund Dog!!

I already have a big Christmas project ready 
for my next post!! 
I know I don't have another one ready very often!!

Stay safe. 
Big hugs,

Friday, 27 August 2021

Sitting in the Window!!

A very quick post tonight.

Another Needle Felting project. 
Really enjoyed doing this one and stretched my brain, a lot!!

This is my first kitty and took a bit of time, to work
out how much body to do! 
I just took out the glass from this Deep Box Frame,
6 inch square, from Hobbycraft.
Just made enough body so she could sit on the frame.
Flowers from Hobbycraft and leaves I made with air dry clay.

Thank you for popping in and hope you have a good
weekend. Thanks for the lovely messages you leave me.
Much appreciated and will visit you too.
Hubby's Birthday on Sunday. Not doing anything special.
Stay safe.
Big hugs,


Thursday, 19 August 2021

Going Boating!!

Where has our Summer gone?!!
Even the heating came on a couple of nights.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.
I do love reading them and they are much appreciated.

This little lad is another LOTV stamps, that has been around 
for ages but still used a lot.

I now have a couple of Craft Fairs booked.
So nice to do one, but as it is a new venue, I don't
expect to sell much, as it's only been there once before.

There has been a lot of advertising, which is the most 
important thing to do but doesn't always work.

Have a lovely weekend.
Big hugs,


Friday, 6 August 2021

Home Sweet Home

I made this ready for the Craft Fair I was booked to do,
in a Holiday Park last month in Norfolk.
Because the village was put into lock down, due to the 
high number of Covid-19 new people testing positive,
so the Craft Fair and Village Fun Day was cancelled. 

The Roses and leaves I made with Air Dry Clay.

Sorry the pictures are not very good. 

Hope you all have had your Jabs!!
We went into Norwich City and was surprised how busy
it was. Also, most of the people were still using masks, as
we did too. That made us feel safer.

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post. 
They are all read and much appreciated, I also
leave you messages on your blogs.

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine, if you have any!!
Big hugs,

Sunday, 1 August 2021

It's A Goal!!!

It's a Goal, thanks to LOTV. 
I've had these stamps for ages and not used 
them for a while. 
I stamped all three of them twice, onto Watercolour card and
painted them with watercolour paints from Hobbycraft. 

The balls and the word 'goal', I fussy cut from one set,
and using foam pads on the balls, I attached them to the
base ones. The word 'Goal' I cut out and using PinFlair
gel glue, I stuck the word onto the base.
When they were in place on the card front, 
I then put Glossy Accents on the balls and the word.

Thank you for lovely messages on my last post.
My sister is now back home but very tired. 
Her dog and husband were both so happy to have her home.

I do love reading your messages and they really helped
me get through the last few weeks. You ae all so kind.
So thanks again and I will visit your posts and leave a message too.
 Big hugs and stay safe,


Monday, 26 July 2021

A Big Thank You

Thank you so much for all your  lovely messages 
on my last post. You are all so kind.

My sister was due to go home last Monday.
Unfortunately she had a 2nd fall and they
said she would go home on Wednesday last week.
Sadly they were unable to get a Care Package
ready and then it was each day on! and on!
They have promised it will be tomorrow, Tuesday.

My gorgeous Daughter-in-Law, is a long way 
from home at the moment too!!

She is working at the Olympics in Japan,
as her role is a Sports Psychologist with
the Ladies Hockey Team. They won 
their first game this morning 4 - 1!!

My son sent me a picture of her,  he took 
off his TV this morning. Thanks BBC!!

This card is just for stock.  I have to replace 
my cards, for another Nursing Home where 
I take cards, for staff and residents.

The old map is one I had, which I used for 
a holiday in Europe, many years ago. 
I will post a bit more on that soon.

The stamps are an old set from LOTV.
I thought it was about time I used them again! 
Coloured with Copics and edged the map
with DI  Vintage Photo.

I know a lot of you have had problems with 
Storms and too much rain. 
I wish we had just a little bit, as I can't
remember when we last saw any rain!!
I am going to have to get the hose out tomorrow.
The plants are looking very sad. 
The soil is like concrete!!

The rain clouds just go over us and forget
to drop some here. The sun is really hot
through the window in my Craft Room ,
and I have the blind down at the moment!

I will now stop moaning!! 
Thanks for popping in and like on my last post, 
your kindness is wonderful.
Big hugs,


Saturday, 10 July 2021


This Tuesday gone, I got a call that my sister was in
Hospital. The sister that has been a carer to our older 
sister, that has Alzheimer's and also a carer to her own
husband, who had a big stroke a few years ago!!

Now she has had a stroke!! 
Why is life so unfair?!!!

We are hoping it's not a strong one and I had
a good chat with her today. I am still finding it
difficult to get it into my head.

This card is using another old stamp and papers
 floating around in an old box!

I stamped the glass twice and the word 'Cheers' as well. 
I then fussy cut them out and painted everything with Distress Inks.

The glass I stuck in place, using 3D foam to shape it.
I then put Glossy Accents all over the glass, the word 'Cheers'
and also on the green handle. 
The 'foam' on top of the beer is Pinflair Snow-it.

Yippee!!! I have a Craft Fair in a couple of weeks, so busy
now, sorting all my stock out. 
So excited!!

Thank you for popping into my little blog and leaving me
such lovely messages. Love reading them and returning onto your blogs.
Stay safe!!
Big hugs,


Saturday, 3 July 2021

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

A very quick post tonight.

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your lovely comments on my
post of my friends furry birthday gift.

I am going to start one for her daughter next week.

This is a very old stamp and I still like it for a bot of fun.

Just coloured them with Copics and added some Glossy Accents
onto their glasses.

Off to bed as it's nearly 1.30 so an early night tonight.

Thank you for dropping into my blog and love reading your messages.
They are much appreciated. I will also get to your blog and leave a message too.

Stay safe.
Big hugs,


Sunday, 27 June 2021

Friends Pressie!!

Morning all, as promised this was my friends pressie!
It's for her 70th Birthday, which was yesterday.
She has had this dog for a while now but I haven't 
seen him yet.

I made this little dog from a photo of him.
It took me quite a long time, as I had to first make the curly
wool, from my Needle Felting stash.

I had to pull small amounts of the special wool, from my
stash. Then wrap it around a kebab stick, spray it with water
and put it in the airing cupboard to dry!! 
I have no idea how many I had to do for each colour!!

While they were drying, I made the body shape, head, 
arms, legs and tail from 'Core wool'. 

When the wool was taken off the sticks, I had to cut them
into 2cm pieces and then with my needles, stab them onto
the body, legs etc one piece at a time!!

As you can see from the back of his body, they had to be 
very close to each one. 
The most important for me to do, was to have the right 
shades of the colours, in the pattern on his body.

Side view of his head and legs. He does have back legs
but he is sitting on them!!

His collar I made with some beads, findings and wire 
from my jewellery stash. 
Yes I used to make earings, necklaces and other bits!!

I phoned my friend and she was thrilled with him and couldn't 
get over his face, as it was exactly as he looks!! 
Also the patterns on his body.

She showed him to her daughter and she was shouting 
in the background,
please could I make her one!!! She loved him too!!

So I will not do it straight away, but may start it 
sometime next month!!

Just got a few cards for  the second Care Home I supply
with cards for them. 
Then I might do a page for my Family Scrapbook.

Thank you for all your lovely messages on my last post.
They are always read and appreciated .

Stay safe.
Big hugs,