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Monday 29 August 2022

Down Under!!

Sorry I haven't been around for quite some time.

Just a short list of some of the reasons why!

Firstly, my husband (his birthday today!!) went into
 Hospital to have a knee replacement op.  He should have been
out in 2 to 3 days. He ended up in there 6 days. 
He also came home with a catheter in situ. 
So he couldn't shower. So I had to wash him every  day
for two and a half  months! I am still his carer in some ways.

Then everything in and out of the house I had to do.
Then take him to the hospital or doctors. 
Logged 20 times to the hospital in a few weeks!!

Then after lots of scans in are local hospital. 
Then 2 visits in a hospital that is about an hour to get there.
The scans took 4+ hours. So I sat in my car for that time,
in the baking sun. Good job I took a book to read!!

The outcome is that he has Prostate Cancer.
A bit of a shock, as he had no symptoms at all.

He is on medication and waiting for a date to have Radiotherapy . 
They have an idea it will be the end of October.

So my Needle Felted  Koala was for him, as 
 he is Australian. 

So I am still doing Craft Fayres that I can  get 
to myself. Still taking 11 crates full of stock
 and 3 big wooden display stands!! 

I am doing one in a village in Norfolk next Sunday.

A bit difficult, as I had 2 bad falls and  waiting 
for x-ray results. I have a lovely Physio and 
doing the exercises she gave me. 
Well I can't be left out of the attention!!! Lol!!!

I will try to get on here a bit more regular.

Thank you Chrissy for my birthday card.
I am being very good and not opened it yet until
the day, which is Friday. Can't believe that I  will be 75!!

Big hugs,


Tuesday 24 May 2022

A Red One!!

Many thanks for your lovely comments, on my 
last card I had made and posted.

Another furry friend!!
I took him to my Craft Fair at the beginning of this month.
I was just going to put him on my stall, when the 
lady who bought the Grey Squirrel, at the last fair, 
spotted him and said I want him too!!!

As she is a stall holder, she didn't mind leaving him 
on my stall, for the day. 
I could have sold him to 3 other people!! 
So I have made another Grey and Red one
 for the next fair at that venue, on the 5th June,
in Filby Village hall in Norfolk.

I am still running my hubby to the hospital, for 
appointments!! One yesterday and another
one today, both different departments, this week!!

I got in my car and said to it 'To JP hospital please', but
it didn't want to go on it's own. So I had to start 
the engine and drive it myself.....Lol!!!

Thanks for taking the time to pop into my
little blog and love to read your comments.

Big hugs,


Wednesday 18 May 2022

Watercolour Again

Another quick card!! 
Watercolour card and painted on the card base.

A few sequins, bought in Spain about 20 years ago!!
The sentiment is die cut with shinny card,
bought in Hobbycraft.

Still having Hospital appointments for my Hubby.
An MRI tomorrow. We hope the results are good
and he can have the catheter removed. 

Another 2 appointments next week, 2 days running,
with different departments.
It is just a good thing that I can drive. Would of cost
silly money with taxis!!

Fingers crossed that he doesn't have to anymore surgery.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.
They always give me an uplift. 

Big hugs,


Saturday 14 May 2022

Butterfly Circle

A very quick post today and a pretty CAS card!!
I painted with watercolours straight onto  a
watercolour card.

It was one for stock, of 84 cards, to take to the Charity
 Residential and Care Home, that I supply cards for 
everyone there. Staff, visitors and of course the residents.

Also, I must say a big thank you to Lynne, for sending
me some of your beautiful cards. It was very kind of you
and certainly helped me.

Have a lovely weekend.
Big hugs,



Wednesday 11 May 2022

HELP!!! ASAP!! Thank you Sarah!!

Thank you Sarah and will pull it up.

For anybody that has read my page, Sarah 
has told me it is a Caper Spurge, which
is part of the Euphorbia. 

Can any body tell me if this is a weed or a plant?
I have looked in all my gardening books
and can't find it anywhere.
In the first photo it has buds on the top
and more just under the top leaves.

I took this photo below a few days later 
and the buds have now opened. 

I did have another one, over the other side of the 
garden but pulled it up, incase it was not a good
thing in my garden!!

Thanks for your help.


Friday 22 April 2022

Our Scenery

A little watercolour card and we have a similar Lighthouse here in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Coloured it with Distress Inks and  Watercolour paints.

We have the most amazing skies here in Suffolk. 
I think if I painted some of them, you would think I had gone mad!!! 
My favourite ones, are big puffy white clouds,
that I feel I could go up a ladder and touch them as they are so low!

Well Easter has now gone and summer is not far away now, thank goodness.

Thank you for your lovely messages on my posts. I am now catching up a 
bit more. Just finishing some commissions too. 

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.
Big hugs,


Saturday 9 April 2022

Spring has Sprung

 The gardens look so pretty with the lovely daffs
and all the variety of other spring flowers.

Thank you for all your lovely, kind messages on my last post.
They  really gave us a lift.

We had to go to the Hospital on Tuesday, for an 
appointment  for Rick  to see the Urology consultant.
It came out, that these problems he is having, 
are something to do with him being pushed a bit, to
have an injection in his spine for the operation and 
not full Anaesthetic.
He now has to keep the catheter in place, until he has 
had the results of blood tests on 22nd of this month!!

So I painted this card with watercolour paints, using
my palette from Hobbycraft.
A great stress relief action!!

Thank you again for your lovely messages.
I am trying to catch up on so many jobs I have to do
and to getting back to your blogs!!

Have a lovely weekend.
Big hugs,


Monday 4 April 2022

Water colour Card

Sorry I haven't been around but life has just got in the way!!

I have been taking my husband to the Hospital and to
the Doctors Surgery, for tests and treatment, 
since his knee operation. 
At least a couple of times a week!

The knee op is fine, it's everything else that is not good.

He now has Kidneys not working properly. His Prostrate
is now enlarged and his water works not working well.
So now has a catheter fitted. Took it off after just over a week.
Then, after 2 days without it, had to have it reinstated!!

We are now waiting to hear from the Urology department,
to see what they are going to do to put it right!!!

He was quite well before he went into the Hospital!!

This card has just been painted on watercolour card.
I used my wastercolour palette I bought in Hobbycraft.

On top of husband's problems, I have had health problems too!
I can't be left out!!
I had a bad fall in my garden. I landed on my backside onto
large beach stones and a bucket and my back hit the bird table.
I also had pulled something in my arm too.
It happened 2 weeks ago but had to speak to my surgery today.
I thought it would have improved a bit by now, but I still find 
it very painful to even sit down. I now have medication for the pain.
I had a phone call from the surgery and they have booked me 
an appointment with a Physio on Wednesday.

Ohh, the joys of getting old!!!

So I hope this week, I will to get onto your blogs.

Thanks for popping in my blog and hope I 
haven't bored you all!!!

Big hugs,

Monday 14 March 2022

A Little White Fur Ball!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post.
Much appreciated and love to read them all.

We have had a lovely friend from West Sussex, staying 
with us for a few days. I put her Hi-lights back in her hair!!
She has also collected her order of a Red Squirrel and a 
Badger, that I have made for her.

This is my latest fur baby, that I finished on Saturday.

I have got to make a box for her, to take her in
to my next Craft Fair, next Sunday. It's in Corton Village,
about 5 minutes from where I live!!

I am having to go on my own, as my husband is 
going into hospital tomorrow, Tuesday 15th 
to have a knee replacement. So I have to take him
to the hospital, at 6am in the morning!!!

What a month we have had!! Some good things
and some not so nice, sad things.

Off to bed early tonight.
So stay safe  and well.

Big hugs,


Tuesday 8 March 2022

A Cute Shih Tzu

Another puppy, that looks very cute in real life!! 
He is a Shih Tzu. One of my sisters had one, a few years ago.

He got admired a lot at the Craft Fayre I did last Sunday.
The one that went to a new home, was the Cockerpoo.
The last Puppy that I posted, a beige colour one.

The black fur makes it difficult to see the detail of his cute face.

So I have to make another beige Cockerpoo, but have to 
finish the one I am making first, which is a Westie.

Got to get up early tomorrow, to take hubby to the hospital
for his Pre-op check. 

Thank you for taking time to leave me messages on my little
blog corner!! I just love reading them.

Stay safe and keep well.
Big hugs,