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Sunday, 24 January 2021

Little Robin Redbreast!!

I hadn't noticed how many grey feathers there are on a Robin!
Also, they might be called Robin Redbreasts but they are more 
orange than red. 
In the 15th Century they decided to give animals English names.
So in America they called them Robin Redbreast, because
there was not a colour orange in English, until the 16th Century
when they found oranges.

Thought you might like that bit of History!!

For the size of the birds, they have rather big feet. 
My Needle Felted one is standing on a bit of driftwood
from my stash. He is just balanced and not glued.

Another make without the proper eyes!


Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog and
for leaving your lovely, up lifting messages. 
They are all read and much appreciated. 

Stay safe and well.
Big hugs,


Thursday, 21 January 2021

A Baby Yorkie!!

Thank you for all the lovely messages on my last post.
I just hope my Needle Felting will improve!!

This is another one!! She is lying down and has 4 legs!!
Her head looks too big for her body!!
It is just the angle I took the photo!!
I just so wish I can get my 'eyes' delivered soon!!
For my makes!!

She looks  much better than the bear!!

Hope you are staying home and keep on crafting!!

My mojo comes and goes but then I have to find 
something to do outside my craft room. 

A special 'Thanks' to Mrs A. for all the time
she spends making 'Word Search Games' for us.

They are great fun.

Keep safe,
Big hugs,


Sunday, 17 January 2021

A Little Bitty Bear!!

Welcome to my new follower, Rachel and hope you 
like what you see on my little blog.

I have been keeping myself busy with my new hobby,
Needle Felting. This was my first little bear and I am
still waiting for a delivery of the eyes I have ordered!
So I have just used little brads.

He measures just over 4 inches (11cm) sitting down.

His waistcoat was an after thought. I decided that he needed something.
So I thought I would give it a try and this was the result. 
All made straight on the bear, except the bow tie. 

I have a few more animals made but not quite ready to show.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
When we got up, we were greeted with a garden covered with......
the white stuff.....Snow!!
It was coming down quite heavily but not staying on the patio.
We just had white grass. After a couple of hours, it changed to sleet.
That lasted a while and then changed to rain.
Finally it stopped and then bye bye snow!!

Thank you all for the lovely messages you left me on 
my last post. It was so kind and made me quite emotional.

So keep warm and safe.
Big Hugs,


Monday, 4 January 2021

A Lovely Lily

Happy New Year everybody.

Thank you for all your lovely messages on my last post..

My first post, for hopefully a better year than the last one!!

I had a play with Clay for a change and tried out
this new mould.. It took a bit longer than most moulds, as
every part hat to be shaped and then left to dry out.

Quite pleased for the first one. I now no another way on how 
to do it, which would make it easier than how I chose to do this one.

I have been playing with my Needle Felting. Making different animals, 
Fairies and even toadstools! 
I can't wait to improve my skill at it.. I know I will look back at 
these makes and just laugh at them!! 

Still, it is keeping me sane, during the lock down. 
I think it's a case of wanting to go somewhere but you can't.
So some days, I have just sat around doing nothing, which is not me.
I was talking to a friend is Sussex and she said that she was the same.
So that made me feel a bit better.

I have promised myself, that this evening I will visit all your 
blogs and leave a message. 
I must try to get my head in a good place!!
Stay safe,
Big hugs,