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Sunday, 22 September 2019

First Outing!!

I decided to make a Santa Workshop with the Fairy Door
I had in my stash.

I took it to the Craft Fayre today for its first outing and sold it!!
I didn't expect it to sell straight away and wasn't bothered
if it took a few Fayres to sell it.

I made the Elf and his Toadstool seat from Air Dry Clay.
I had great fun making him and it took me quite a time to
get him as I wanted him. The body was easy but 
I spent a couple of days to get his head right. Especially
his tiny, pointy ears!!

He has a friend, who was peeking out to see who opened the door!
There are two wooden Unicorns and some parcels, that
he is keeping his eye on!! Lol!!

It was quite funny, as I bought the Fairy Door from The Works
in Lowestoft. One of the ladies that works there, 
came to the Fayre and saw it on my stand and couldn't
believe what I had done with it.

I have used 90 pieces of fabric and 184 pins to make this bauble.
I have topped it with greenery, ribbon, small cones and berries. 
I also have a hole in my thumb!! Lol!! 
I now use a lolly stick to push the tiny pins in!
I have already sold 4 of them!

Just a couple more with different colour mix.

We are back to the Fayre tomorrow and hope it
stays dry for the day.

Thank you for your kind messages on my last post.

I hope to get around to all my lovely bloggers tomorrow
when I get home.

Big hugs,

Friday, 20 September 2019

A New Project.

Thank you for the lovely messages on my last post.
Much appreciated and treasured.

I am at my first of 17 Craft Fayres this Saturday and Sunday.
It's at Cherry Lane Garden Centre in Fritton.

This Butterfly is a lot more purple in Real Life.
Also the main fairy is all over glittered
and her wings are 3D.

Maybe visible if you click on it.

Looking forward to seeing some old faces. Not in age!!Lol!!
The weather is supposed to be good.

Off to bed as it's 1.35am so an early night tonight.

Thanks for popping in. You know I will visit your 
blogs as much as I can too.

Big hugs,

Sunday, 15 September 2019


It seems ages since I posted on here!!

I suddenly realised, that as from next weekend, I have 
17 Craft Fayres to do and the last one is December 3rd!!!

So I have been busy making stock. 
Also making Christmas cards and decorations.

The 2 cards here are very quick and easy cards to make.

There are some lovely detailed dies around at the moment.
I do like these edge dies.

Sorry if I miss the odd post of yours but I will get to 
you asap. I do enjoy looking at your makes.

Thanks for taking the time to pop into my little blog.
Especially if you leave me a message, so 
I know you have been.

Big hugs,