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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Three Of A Kind

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post.
Love reading them and much appreciated.

You never know what you will find, when you have a 
rummage in your boxes in your craft room!!

So I found a 'Tempting Templates' from WS Designs.
Called 'Square K card'.
It's a square piece of plastic, with a smaller square cut out 
on the inside. I did have the instruction sheet too.

It's old and this was what we used, before we had Dies or even the 
cutting machines!! All you needed was, a pencil and a craft knife!

So as I wanted a play day or 2 or even 3!! 
I made this blue one, on first day. 
Then I made a pink one, on day 2. 
Then a purple one on day 3!!

They are all slightly different

I used Anna Marie paper pads, as I had all 3 colours.

 Below is the side view, showing how the centre piece
pops out the front, when you open the card. 
The bird on the top right of the opening, I cut out 
from a page of the books. I put it on foam pads.
I also put Stickles on the wings, tail and on the flowers.

This is the inside slightly open.
It does open completely.

Next is the Pink version.
The bird in the cage is different to the blue one.
As is the bird on the corner. Of course the designs on the paper.

Another different bird in cage and on the corner.
Also Stickles on Berries and flowers.

I am not sure if I will make them again, as they take so
long to make. In the end I made them my way, rather than
using the instructions. Took quite a bit less to make it too.

Well that kept me quiet for a few days!! 

I managed to get a few hours in the garden. 
The Bluebells are gorgeous this year.

I am going to redesign the back garden, to make it a bit
easier for me to maintain.
I have drawn my design and now just hope the gardener 
can help me do it. Normally I would get on with it myself.
But I now have to accept, I am a bit old to do paving!!
Very frustrating!!

Well now back to making my Grandson's birthday card.

Keep safe
Big hugs,

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Thinking Of You

Firstly I must thank you for all your lovely messages on
my last post with my Puppy.
Thank you Sylvie (Gibmiss) for naming her Honey.
It suits her very well, as some of her fur is Honey colour.

This was just a quick card, using a big stencil that
has all different circle sizes on it. 
Used Distress Inks mixed with Glycerin for the background.

I have had the stamp for years, unused, so have no
idea where I got it from.

Thanks for popping in and please leave a message so I 
know you have been. 
I will make sure I will leave messages on your blogs too.

Big hugs and stay safe,


Monday, 3 May 2021


 This is a lady version of my Doggy family!!
I finished her today.
I did tell her that her brother now lives
in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

She hasn't got a name yet though!

If you can think of a name for her, please
let me know in the comment place.

I now have to get back to making a card for my brother-in-law.
It's his birthday on Saturday.

Our trip to the Doctors Surgery for our 2nd Jabs went well. 
As for side effects, only a sore arm for one day and a 
good sleep for a few hours when we got home.
Nothing like after the first one.

It just makes me feel safe and looking  forward to 
being able to go out.

So I hope when you all have yours done, that you 
don't have any problems. 

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post .
Reading  them always brightens my day.
Big Hugs,

Saturday, 1 May 2021

A Card Gift

Thank you for all the lovely messages on my last post.

My little Dog is now in his new home in West Sussex
As I miss him, I have started to make another one!! 

My card is for a friend, I have known from when  her
and her sister, were young children.
She now has her own horse, Brandy, which she didn't
 think she would ever have.
So I just had to make her a clay horse and made a 
card heart to mount it on. Hope she likes it, as it was today.

We had our 2nd Jabs this morning and hope I don't
get the shivers this time!! Hubby had gone to bed and 
about 1am, I felt cold. It then got colder by the minute
and my teeth were chattering!! So I dived into the bed with 
all my clothes on. It felt like all my body inside was frozen.
Very strange but thankful it started to go after about half an hour.
It wasn't that bad but just was surprised.

I would rather have that reaction than have Covid-19!!

Thank you for taking time to pop in and love 
reading your comments.

Hope you are all getting Jabbed!!
Stay safe and well.
Big hugs,