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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Merry Mauve!

Thank you for all your lovely messages on my last post.
You are all so kind.
As an update, my sister seems to be settling into the home,
She said to one of the carers that she really liked it there,
but won't be staying there for ever!! Bless!!

So this is one of my cards that I really enjoyed making.
I have had the stamp for a few years but only used it a couple of times.
I decided to use different colours for the baubles, just for a change.

I used an old Go Kreate Frilly 10 die, for the mat.
The text banner die, I bought online. 

The backing paper I have had for many years,
The front bauble I stamped twice and 3D it, to give it a  bit 
more shape. I used Copics to colour the image.

I then covered the baubles and the berries with Glossy Accents.

So it was a simple card to make and quite quick too.

Guess what? As I am in my sitting room, with my lap top 
on my lap, the rain is hammering down!! Now there's a change!!
I thought, when we moved here, nearly 5 years ago, partly because
this is supposed to be the driest area in the country!!
Where is the wettest? Answers on a postcard!! If not, on my post!!Lol!!

If this weather doesn't change soon, my feet will change into webbed  feet!!

I have put a few things I am selling, on my Facebook page and also onto
 Facebook Marketplace. A friend also asked if I would like to put them on
her Facebook group, Suffolk and Norfolk Crafters. 
So I am hoping that I could get some money, for the Charities I support. 

Back to my desk now, to finish my last 6 cards I have to make and then
I can take them to the Care Home I supply.  That will be 60 cards for them!! 

I have made a few for me but no where enough. Keeps the grey matter working!

Thank you again, for you lovely messages. 
They are all read and appreciated and very uplifting.

So please stay safe and well.
Big hugs,


Friday, 23 October 2020

Christmas Soon - Really!!!

I have finally  found a bit of time to actually do a post!!

First, I must welcome Di as a new follower. Hope you 
will enjoy what you see on my little blog.

I have been making Christmas cards to take to the Care Home
I fund raise for. I have so far made 42 but a few more to make yet!!

This is the one I have just finished.
It looks a bit bluer than it is!! The card is actually white
but the light was very poor this afternoon when I finished it.

We have had a very stressful and sad few weeks. 
My eldest sister has Alzheimer's and for her safety,
it was time for her to be looked after in a Care Home.

It was very hard for my other sister, who has helped and 
cared for her, for a long time now. 
She has been so kind to her and has to drive for 
around an hour, to get to her. 

It was very difficult to find a home but one was eventually 
found. The best thing was,, it was in walking distance 
from where my sister lives.
So she will be able to see her more often. and no more long drive. 
Enough to say, that it turned out to be a hell of a trip 
for my carer sister, to drive her to the home!!
I just wished I could have been there to help her. 
As I live over 200 miles away from there and 
the problem with the Covid-19, we wouldn't be able to.

We are sure she will settle in soon.
Alzheimer's is such a horrible illness and our mother had it too.

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog and I 
appreciate all the lovely messages you leave me.
Stay safe and well.
Big hugs,