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Friday, 28 August 2020

A Stich In Time and Brilliant News!!

Yippee!! I finished my Cross Stich Teddies!! 

I started it in May and finished it yesterday. Not too
bad, as I only did it in the evenings and on a couple of afternoons.

It was quite big, measuring 18" x 9" or 46cm x 23cm.
I always use Even Weave Linen, rather than Aida, as 
the end result looks more like a painting on canvas.

So I have a frame to put it in, just need to paint it first.
I always frame pictures myself, as it is so expensive to have 
them done in a shop.

This picture is just a close up of the detail.

The next 2 pictures are of the chart, which was a bit of a challenge!!

This was just a third of the chart.

 The Garden Centre where I go every year for 3 months 
for their Craft Fairs, had decided not to have any events this year.

So I was excited to get an email on Tuesday, saying that  they
are going to have  Craft Markets, between the middle of October
and the end of November. 

They are only going to have 10 tables and I have booked 2 
tables for each of the weekends.
I am so happy and I now have a reason  to get in my craft room
 and make some things!! 

I have dug out my Mojo too!!! 

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post and 
for making time to pop in on this post too. 
I love reading your lovely, uplifting messages.

Stay safe. 
Big hugs

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Ellie Balloons

Thank you for all the lovely messages again on my last post.
You are all so kind.

I have been playing with clay again. 
I had made a blue one of these boxes for a boy
 before, but never got around to making a girly one.

Ellie is made, using a Kathryn Sturrock mould 
and air dry clay.
The balloons and gift box I make in my hands,
using the same clay.

The flowers are made from air dry clay too.

I have a few more ideas for makes, so just hope
my head will get on with it!!

I have nearly finished a cross stitch picture I have had for years!!
It was still in an unopened bag!!
This morning, I found 4 others that I had started but not 
finished for years. They are mostly very big ones, 
by my favourite company Lanarte. 

A week today, my hubby will be 70!! 
Sadly, we will not be having a gathering of friends
 and family, that I was lucky to have.

We will just have a lunch out at a lovely pub near to us. 
Just hope the weather is kind to us. 

Back to my craft room to finish off a few notebooks. 

I must give a BIG HUG to Chrissy. 
You are so kind and thoughtful. I will treasure it 
and will stay on the wall in my craft room for ever!

Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog
and hope you are keeping safe and well. 

Please leave me a message so I know you have been
and I will visit your blog too. 

Have a lovely weekend.
Big hugs,

Monday, 10 August 2020

Clay Flowers Frame

Thank you all for the lovely messages on my last post. 
Also to my 2 new visitors, I hope you liked my blog. 

I love making flowers with my Air Dry Clay and Roses 
are a regular make. So for a change, I thought I would
 try to make a Calla Lily and a Camellia.
I do have some in my garden, so I went and had look
at them to make sure I could get the detail right. Ish!!

The frame was an old one that I recycled, painting it
with some Gesso first. I then topped it with some
Duck Egg Blue Emulsion paint.  
I dried the paint with my heat gun.
I then dry bushed some craft glue over the whole frame.
I then dried to glue off a bit with my gun.

 I then dry brushed white Emulsion over the whole frame,
covering the glue.
I then dried the whole frame with my heat gun, which
then created the paint on the top to crackle. 

Below is the top corner with 2 clay flowers and the 
white flowers are from Hobbycraft. 

The pretty paper in the frame is from my stash.
So the flowers below are a Rose, Calla Lily and 
a Camelia. 

I don't use Moulds for making most of my flowers.
I prefer to just make them in my hands. 
With petals it works, as they mostly have veins
on them, which they can pick up from your hands.

So I have made a gift box to put this in and it will
go up for sale soon!!

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe.
I can't remember when we last saw any rain!!
Thank goodness we have 2 big water butts for my new plants.

Thank you for taking time out to visit my blog
and I love reading your lovely messages. 

Big hugs,