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Friday, 23 April 2021

What a Mix!!

Morning all. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful
sunshine, like we are having here in Suffolk.

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post.
I love to read and treasure them.

I have two pictures today, as they are both very 
different but finished on the same day!!

My first is a card using a Honey Doo Crafts stamp.
I used Distress Ink mixed with glycerin, to make 
the piece of white card pink and lightly mottled.

I stamped the image with Versamark clear ink
and embossed with white Wow Embossing powder.
I then coloured the flowers, using Copics pens.
A bit fiddly using 3 shades and used a 
Colourless Blender Copic pen to remove any
ink that went on the white embossing lines.

Now this little fella I just adore!!
I made him, using my Needle Felting 
wools and needles I bought from 
Frankie and Sidney, details at the bottom
of page.
He is 5" high and 4 1/2" wide
or 12.7cm high and 11.5wide.

It did take a few days to make it and
made it up from just seeing a picture on line.

His back legs were the hardest and took me 
2 goes to get them right. 

I am now going to make another one.
 I just sent a picture of him to a 
couple of friends and one, Aileen, 
wanted to buy him from me!!

Sandy (X Craft Barn owner) said 
'it was probably the cutest thing I 
have ever seen!!' Also, her husband
thought he was real!!

So I must make notes of what I did,
before I put him in the post!!
Going to take a few pics of all angles too.

You can find the shop at

They sell the most beautiful wools etc.
They are free delivery mostly and a 
pleasure to deal with.
If you're too scared to just 'go for it'
 as I did, with a few animals and want to 
have a try, they do sell kits.

Looking forward to seeing your makes.
Stay safe. 
Big hugs,


Sunday, 18 April 2021

My Sister Pat's 80th Birthday Today

Happy 80th Birthday To my special sister Pat.

She loves Owls, so I just had to use this Pink Ink Stamp.

I stamped him twice on Watercolour card and fussy cut him 
and made him 3D.
I Coloured him with Watercolour paints.
As she lives on the South Coast, I unfortunately won't
be able to see her. So posted her card and gifts.

Have a lovely day Sis. Speak to you later.

Love and big hugs,

Carol and Rick


Monday, 12 April 2021

Just a Note

Firstly, I must thank all of you, who had taken the time to 
 leave me a lovely message on my last blog and on my 
Face Book page. You are all so kind. 
I am now feeling fine and trying to 
catch up on all my outstanding works.

I have to finish making cards for a Nursing Home and 
this time I am sharing it with a friend. So just need to make
half the amount 159, I made for the Residential home!!

I also have my Sister's 80th Birthday this coming Sunday 18th,
 so I have a card and gift to make for her and to get it in the post.

So I found this card in 'Draft' not exciting but a quick card.

Just stamped a border, using some Card-io stamps 
and used a die to cut the fancy edge.
Added a strip of green ribbon.

I will post my sisters card here on Sunday.
We now can at least get out a bit more, so
hope the weather is kind to us.
Big hugs,


Sunday, 4 April 2021

Where I Have Been!

 Hi, Sorry I haven't been around this week but have been quite poorly.

Had an Ambulance here on Monday morning. They were here for nearly an hour, to get my problem under control. I was advised if it continues, I must go to A & E.

Well it did 15 minutes after they left! Not as strong and I managed to stop it myself. Then another, about an hour later, same again.

Then it came back at 5.30pm and was a big one and took me an hour to get it under control.

I had lost so much blood, it would take a few days for my body to replace what I had lost.

It was a bit rough for a few days and then left me very weak and tired. Didn't eat much for 4 days which didn't help. At least I lost 4lbs in 3 days!! So I am just doing a couple of things today, with a rest in between.

So will catch up with you next week.
Have a lovely Easter weekend.