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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas To All.

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, to everybody out there in blogland.

No snow this year, just a reminder of last year with this picture.

This is a time to reflect on the events of the year that is ending and hoping for better ones to come in the next year. Certainly in my own case.

The sun is shining today, showing up the dust that was wiped away yesterday. Where does it come from!!!Lol!

We had a busy day yesterday. In the morning, we had our neighbours from either side of us come in for drinks and nibbles. Then last night we walked down the road to my daughter's in-laws, for drinks and nibbles.
I will have to dust and vacuum again today and do the ironing. Boring!
Tomorrow we are going to friends at the top of our road for drinks at mid-day. Then we are having a quiet dinner on our own.
Boxing day we are having my daughter, son-in-law and grand children for the day. That will be a very exciting and a noisy day. I have a giant joint of beef for us for lunch. Yummy!
Well I am now going to find my duster and get on with the cleaning again!! Yuk!! I wish I could have a cleaning fairy for Christmas.
Have a lovely time with your friends and families and we will catch up after the festivities.
A special thank you to all my followers and visitors for your support over the last year.
Special hugs to you all,
Carol S.xx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Deck The Halls.

Hi everyone in Bloggerland,

I have finally finished all my Christmas cards and they are in the post! I have already started packing away all my Christmas stamps and papers. My room did look a bit like a war zone!Lol!!

This is the fireplace in my sitting room. When these decs are done, I really feel it's Christmas.

The stocking is very special to me. About 11 or 12 years ago, I saw this stocking pictured on the cover of an American cross stitch magazine. I fell in love with it straight away, so I bought the magazine. When I got it home, I was very disappointed that only the top 4" of the chart was in the mag. The rest of the chart was going to be spread over the year, coming out every few months. I never saw the magazine anywhere again.

A couple of years later, a very close friend, who I used to go to all the stitching shows with, sadly died after a long battle with cancer. She was only 54. She had left me all her cross stitch collection. Along with hundreds of kits, there were about 700 magazines, complete with the subscriptions which were paid for, so they kept coming.

I searched through all of the mags and found the complete set of the patterns for the stocking.

It took me 6 months to stitch it. Santa's robe and a lot of the background is a shiny rayon thread, which was very slippery. His beard and the animals fur is a fluffy mohair, which you just have to stroke. I felt this was the best gift my friend could have given to me and I still miss her. I was with her to the end.

This is my tree number 2 in my conservatory. We bought it last year and it has very realistic ends to the branches. The same at the one in the sitting room. My friend's husband was sitting right along side it when I was cutting her hair and he thought it was real!! Well I know it does look good but having said that, he is a man!!Lol!!
The metal bird in the heart is one of my favourite decorations on it. I also have two stags somewhere but I couldn't find them. I have a feeling they are somewhere in my craft room, as I know I did want to make a couple for the tree in my sitting room.
I did decorate half a dozen baubles this year. These are 2 of them. Not very exciting but it was all I had the time to do. Just gold and red glitter, double sided tape and a few peel offs!

I took the Charity collection box, which I had put my money in from the markets, over to the home yesterday. I had not counted it, so we were very surprised just how much I had put in there! They were very pleased with it. Made it all worth while getting up at 6am on market days! No more markets now until March!
I am now going back to sorting out my craft room. I can nearly see my desk!!
Please pop back soon,


Carol S.xx

It's Nearly Here. Are You Ready?!!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are not too exhausted after all the Christmas shopping! Not long to go now.

I had a very good day at my craft market last Friday. Sold lots of my goodies! Since then it has been a bit manic, trying to finish making all of my cards. Finally just put the last one in its envelope.

I spent Saturday afternoon and evening putting up the first of my 2 trees in the sitting room. It is only 5 feet high but still took me hours!

Spot the 2 Bambies either side of the tree. I just love the expressions on their faces!

I usually buy and make a couple of new decorations every year. This is a glass one with a Robin and a post box inside. A bit difficult to photo. I do love the Santa which I bought last year.
The little Angel is really lovely but again difficult to photo. Must be the lights.

I made 2 of these cushions a few years ago. They are from an Edwardian design, which are a mixture of cross stitch and beading. Unfortunately I cannot find the pattern since I moved, so I am going to make a chart from the cushion. They are 3" x 3" so not too big.

I have made some decs this year but they are on my desk half finished. I hope to get them done by tomorrow and I will take pics of them, on tree number 2!

I have yet to put up the Christmas tree and Decs in my Dollshouse. I also have a Santa that I sit on the top of the house, with a sack in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other!Lol!!
Hope to post again tomorrow, so please pop back for the next installment!


Carol S.xx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

And So To Bed!!

Hi everyone,

As promised another post tonight. It's 11.30 and this will be a quick post, as I have to be up at 6am and out of the house by 7.30am!! I also will have to load my car, as it is Market day. The last one this year.

This is another card using the Lili of the Valley Christmas bird table stamp.

Guess what! I used Distress Inks to colour it with and a very fine brush!!Lol! I just love it, as it is so cute but not yucky cute! More pretty than cute I think.

The birds are so sweet and proper Robins. Unlike American stamps, that have Cardinals on.
For the snowflakes in the background I stamped with clear Versamark and used Stamp'n'Bond on top and heated with my heat gun. You have to be pretty quick getting the flakes on, but the effect is really nice. I bought both the flakes and the Stam'N'Bond from The Craft Barn at Lingfield.

Well off to bed now, 11.45! Posted in 15 minutes. That is a record!
Please drop by again.

Love to read your comments as they always make me smile!
Carol S.xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Phew!! Finally Time To Post!!

Hi Everyone,

What a couple of weeks I have had. I sold so much at the last market in Lindfield, that I had to work flat out to get stock made for my last market which is this Friday in Cuckfield, West Sussex!

Then at the weekend, panic! My husband is Australian and I suddenly remembered that I had not made cards for his family and friends and the last posting date was Tuesday!

Saturday morning I sat at my desk and made this card. I broke all my rules and made 8 of them.

I just used sticky post its to block off the centre band on a 6"x6" card blank. I then used Distress Inks, Chipped Sapphire, Stormy Skies, Broken China and Tumbled Glass and with Dry foam, I blended them across the band from right to left. I then used my heat gun to make sure the ink was dry.

I then dusted the whole card with my Dust Buddy. The trees and the star stamps are from Creative Expressions, from last Christmas. I stamped with clear Versamark and used Disco Black Embossing Powder.
I love the effect the embossing powder gives, which you can see a bit. It looks like the trees are lit up.
This card is so quick to make, as you also do not have to put a greeting on the front! It took just under 15 minutes in total.
Hope you like it,
Please come back soon. I will even try to post again tomorrow!!
Carol S.xx

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Stripey Cat and Christmas!!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted for a bit but I have been rather busy with my Craft Markets. At the last one I did, the weekend before last, I sold so much, including both my Poppy and Daisy Clocks. As I have another market this Saturday at Lindfield, West Sussex, I have been flat out making more stock.

I painted another Poppy clock today. It looks nothing like the last one of course!

I had my Grand-Daughter over last Saturday afternoon. She arrived running down the drive, shouting "craft, craft" until she reached the front door. She shot in the door, straight into my craft room, up on my chair and that is where she stayed for the next 3 hours! We made and decorated a folding Christmas star. She also drew and painted this cat. I had to post it, as I think for a 5 year old, I am sure you will agree, it is pretty amazing! I love the eyes and the curly tail!!

I think she has the family arty gene! Unfortunately she took the star home before I had time to take a picture of it. The cat is going to be laminated and hung on the wall in my craft room.
My Christmas card is made using another Lili of the Valley stamp, coloured with Distress Inks.
I love this stamp as it is so delicate. It can be used all year round if you mask off the stocking when you ink it up. I mainly stamp with Smokey Grey Versafine ink, so it appears as a pencil line.
For the moon I used a wash of Scattered Straw. Her dress is Weathered Wood and for her hat and stocking, I used Chipped Sapphire.

She is soo sweet, I can't bring myself to use dark or bright colours for her clothes!

I hope you enjoy looking at my Grand-daughter's picture.

Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon.


Carol S.xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Little Bit Sketchy Christmas!

Hi everyone,

I think winter is finally here. It was rather chilly today and soooo dark all day. I don't mind the cold but the darkness makes it so depressing.

Still, a little ray of sunshine dropped onto my doormat on Friday. My three new stamp sets from Sheena Douglass's latest 'A Little Bit Sketchy' designs. This one is 'Lakeside Shore'.

This whole card was made using one Distress Ink pad, Chipped Sapphire for the background and stamping the main images. And a Versamark watermark ink pad for embossing with Disco black Embossing powder. How cheap is that!!
I blended the ink with a damp brush, to give a bit of shading around the grasses. I also did the same between the tree branches.
The 'trees' in the picture below is, I think, actually to be used as a tree branch in the foreground in the sky. It would look as if the picture has been taken under a big tree, with branches hanging down. However, I decided to use it standing up as small trees/shrubs. I created a little hill for it to stand on! I think it worked quite well.

This little Santa stamp I have had for years. It comes out every year and always gets used a lot!
I added a few more clouds to the sky and 'moon rays' down towards the earth. I did the rays with a scrap of paper and a make up sponge with distress ink on and applied along the edge of the paper.

The sentiment stamp was free on this months Craft Stamper Magazine. I thought it fitted quite well.

The snow is dries white glue, with Art Master ultra fine crystal glitter thrown on.

I hope you agree, that scenic stamps can also be used for Christmas. Just add snow!!Lol!

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. They are always read and treasured.
You are welcome to become a 'follower'. It's like having an extended family!


Carol S.xx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Deer and The Toadstools!

Hi Folks,

I would like to introduce you to Norman's Bambi! Norman is my brother-in-law and has created this gorgeous baby Deer, using some wood he found in his garden. My contribution was just to add a few berries around his neck!Lol!

I took four of them to a craft market last Saturday and sold all of them, in half an hour! I had a herd of 12 of them and I have kept 2 for myself. A friend bought one, so only 5 are left!! I can still do my sums!!

It's strange but they are all different and you can even see boy and girl!
I asked if he could make me some mushrooms/toadstools and these are the result. Since he lost my sister, he has spent a lot of time playing with his lathe. He has taught himself how to use it and I think these are amazing for a beginner!

I now have 11 of them!! I can't bring myself to sell any of them, as the wood grain is so beautiful. Everyone is different and they are very tactile.

I will be taking the 5 Deer I have left to a craft market on Saturday, in Turners Hill. So there maybe a phone call to request another herd!!Lol!!
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. It gives me great pleasure reading them.

Carol S.xx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Fusioned Clock and Origami!

Hi everyone,

Well I had a good market on Saturday. I met a lot of very nice people as usual and managed to sell quite a lot too!

This is my latest clock that I Fusioned for a change!Lol!

I painted it on Acrylic board and then mounted it onto a thick piece of card for stability.

I do like these Daisies, as you can do them any colour. The background is a Duck Egg Blue Emulsion tester pot.
I used my Adirondack Gold Dauber on the numbers. I then inked them with Versamark ink and embossed them with 2 coats of clear embossing powder. I used pale gold Card Candy for the other numbers.

In my title I added 'Origami'.

On Saturday at the market, I met a little girl called Lila, who is 8 years old. I had been chatting to her Mother and she told me that Lila liked to do Origami. Lila at this time, was wandering around the stalls.

She approached me and told me that she loved doing Origami.

She then took out a piece of paper from her bag, the size of the piece in the picture below.
In less than a minute she had folded the paper and made the swan.
The butterfly was so complicated, loads of folds! I have no idea how she remembered them all!
It did take a little longer to fold but still not very long. I was amazed.

I told her that I would put my story about her, with pictures, on my blog. I am sure you will agree, she is very talented. She was also a very pretty and polite little girl. I hope I will see her again but she lives in Hampshire and was visiting in Crawley Down.
Well thank you for visiting my blog and please come back soon.


Carol S.xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Cutie Christmas.

Hi everyone,

Well the weather has certainly changed this afternoon. Lovely sunshine this morning, now it's cold and looking like rain will be here soon. I will have to put my light in a minute!

This card is another LOTV stamp, backed with paper from my free paper pack.

I coloured the image with Distress Inks as usual but I am going to do another with my Copic pens for a change.
I will only post it if I like it myself!Lol!! I might have a bit of a problem with the tiny details in this image.
On the 'fur' bits on hats and coats, I used a dries white glue and white flock, mixed with Crystal ultra fine glitter. Also a touch of Stickles, Star Dust elsewhere.

The rain has started to drizzle down. It could have waited another half an hour or so. Then my washing would have finished drying in the tumble drier, located in my garage!!
Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.

Carol S. xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Golden Dabber Christmas!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your lovely comments on my Buddha Nut post. I am glad that there are other nut lovers out there and I am not alone.Lol!!

This card I made using a Tando mask, that I bought at The Craft Barn in Lingfield. I ran it through my Joy machine on a piece of red paper, about 120gsm. They do not emboss so well on card. For the gold effect I used an Adirondack Acrylic Dabber, which I bought at Ally Pally. The gold is a very crisp bright gold.

On the edge of the leaves, I just flicked the Dabber from the tip of the leaf to get a soft edge, rather then a solid line.
I did have to take the lid off the Dabber and, using a very fine paint brush, I touched up some of the edges, to make them sharper. Added a few gems and card done! A very quick card but looks like hours have been spent on it!

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your lovely comments. I treasure every one.
Carol S. xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

Another Buddha Nut

Hi everyone,

Christmas is really coming nearer now. I think the warm weather is making it more difficult for me to get into it.

This is the second of the three Buddha Nuts I bought. A Nativity scene with a twist. The Nativity scene is a Jenny Mayes, Hobby Art stamp, which I bought at the Craft Barn in Lingfield.

The berries and greenery are from a very old stash of mine, along with the straw, cut from odd bits of Raffia.
The 'snow' is Cosmic Shimmer dries white glue, white flock mixed with Art Glitter, Crystal and sprinkled over the glue. I also dotted Star Dust Stickles onto the greenery. The stars I cut from scraps of Mirri Board using a Cuttlebug die.

Hope you like my nut!Lol!! It was great fun to make and just a bit different. Another item for my sale on Saturday.
Thanks for popping over to my blog and come back soon, as I have also made some more cards.

Carol S. xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I Hate Wallpapering!!!

Hi Everyone,

Is there anybody that really enjoys hanging wallpaper? Before we moved to this house, I had managed to not ever have to do it. I have now had to do it in every room except the kitchen and bathroom! Today I finally finished, with the last wall in my craft room. Yippee!! At least it was a bit cooler today, as my room faces south. Tomorrow I just have to paint the wall and the woodwork and I am done!

Amid the chaos, I have managed to make these two Christmas cards, with Lili Of the Valley stamps.

I really like the angel and have coloured her dress with Peeled Paint Distress Ink. Thought it would make a change from pinks etc.

For the snowflakes and stars I used an old Cuttlebug die, with a dusting of Star Dust Stickles.

The text on the card below, I have had for years. Because most of my stamps that were on wooden blocks, I have taken off. I have no idea which company made it.
The baubles are from this years release from Lili of the Valley.

I coloured them with Distress Inks. I then added Star Dust Stickles. When that had dried, I covered each bauble with Glossy Accents. Sadly this does not show in the pictures.My husband is on holiday this week, to finally finish unpacking the boxes in the garage and he has done it!! I had to help him on Sunday and Monday but it was worth it to get the job done. On Friday, I am taking him to help me at a craft market I do every month. I think he will be glad to go back to work for a rest!Lol!!
Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments.
Carol S. xx

Monday, 3 October 2011

It's Hot Hot Hot!!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend in the glorious sunshine. Well I could see it through the window in the garage, as we were finally trying to finish unpacking. Putting up shelving, sorting through boxes and me dodging the spiders!Lol!! We will be back out there again tomorrow, as we only got a quarter of it done.

I love this LOTV little boy. Each time I have made a card with him, a friend has seen it and wanted it! And had it! So I managed to get a picture of this one, although it is a simple card, as it will go in my charity selection. They tend to like flattish cards for cheap rate posting.

One of my friends bought the last one for her Dad and he was in his eighties! She said he wore a hat like this one! Aah!!

Coloured with Distress Inks as usual. The Fern leaf was cut with a die from Little Claire.The other 2 leaves are from my stash.

Just a quick post as it is 01.10 (my clock on my posting is 40mins slower than actual time!)and I need to get up early before it gets too hot.
Thanks for stopping by.
Carol S.xx