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Thursday 27 October 2011

The Deer and The Toadstools!

Hi Folks,

I would like to introduce you to Norman's Bambi! Norman is my brother-in-law and has created this gorgeous baby Deer, using some wood he found in his garden. My contribution was just to add a few berries around his neck!Lol!

I took four of them to a craft market last Saturday and sold all of them, in half an hour! I had a herd of 12 of them and I have kept 2 for myself. A friend bought one, so only 5 are left!! I can still do my sums!!

It's strange but they are all different and you can even see boy and girl!
I asked if he could make me some mushrooms/toadstools and these are the result. Since he lost my sister, he has spent a lot of time playing with his lathe. He has taught himself how to use it and I think these are amazing for a beginner!

I now have 11 of them!! I can't bring myself to sell any of them, as the wood grain is so beautiful. Everyone is different and they are very tactile.

I will be taking the 5 Deer I have left to a craft market on Saturday, in Turners Hill. So there maybe a phone call to request another herd!!Lol!!
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. It gives me great pleasure reading them.

Carol S.xx


Jessica said...

Oh My Goodness Carol - they are just soooooo adorable - what a clever family you are!!! The deer are fab - I love them. Jxx

Sandra said...

Awwwwe just love the Bambi's... I can see why they sold like hot cakes. Norman is very talented.
Sandra x