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Sunday, 24 January 2021

Little Robin Redbreast!!

I hadn't noticed how many grey feathers there are on a Robin!
Also, they might be called Robin Redbreasts but they are more 
orange than red. 
In the 15th Century they decided to give animals English names.
So in America they called them Robin Redbreast, because
there was not a colour orange in English, until the 16th Century
when they found oranges.

Thought you might like that bit of History!!

For the size of the birds, they have rather big feet. 
My Needle Felted one is standing on a bit of driftwood
from my stash. He is just balanced and not glued.

Another make without the proper eyes!


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Chrissy said...

Oh, Carol, he is perfect, I love him perched on his branch, gorgeous.


Kath said...

He's fabulous Carol - I do love robins!
Kath x

Lynne said...

He is fabulous Carol as was your little Yorkie, so cute! Robin's colours look perfect too, as you say, the breasts are definitely an orangey red. Have a good week x

cotnob said...

He's gorgeous Carol, you are getting very good at this - I love him.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Gibmiss said...

Hi Fabulous Robin ....
Not tried the felting ...
Hugs Sylvie xx

Diane said...

Love your needle felting Carol. I bet it is so fun. So and interesting fact in the Pacific Northwest they call then American Robin.

Hugs Diane

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is lovely Carol. Yes I found a robin has more colours than you think when I wanted to colour one up recently

aussie aNNie said...

Beautiful, gorgeous colours here, and so realistic. xx

Doris knippenenplakken said...

Gorgeous Carol, lovely colors!
Hugs Doris

Sarah said...

What a perfect robin and your colours are spot on. I love them, we have one in our garden that I am sure is my Dad xx

Sue - said...

He’s gorgeous Carol, I do like robins and always happy to see them in the garden. We have a pair at the moment. xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

He looks just gorgeous Carol, we have several that visit our garden regularly and you have captured the colours perfectly.

Mrs A. said...

Didn't know that about the Robin. We have a Robin visits every day here. He loves the meal worms The Doc puts out fir him. Your two are fabulous and
I see what you mean about the eyes. Hugs Mrs A.

Jules said...

Hi Carol

You are doing really well with your needle felting .. .. and your little robin is so cute. How long do they take you to make .. .. are they very time consuming?

We have two robins that have nested under our pergola and the babies have been venturing out over the last week. We love robins.

Hope all is well at your end.

Love Jules xx

Pat K said...

WOW..this is fabulous Carol. Your work is beautiful. xx