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Monday 29 August 2022

Down Under!!

Sorry I haven't been around for quite some time.

Just a short list of some of the reasons why!

Firstly, my husband (his birthday today!!) went into
 Hospital to have a knee replacement op.  He should have been
out in 2 to 3 days. He ended up in there 6 days. 
He also came home with a catheter in situ. 
So he couldn't shower. So I had to wash him every  day
for two and a half  months! I am still his carer in some ways.

Then everything in and out of the house I had to do.
Then take him to the hospital or doctors. 
Logged 20 times to the hospital in a few weeks!!

Then after lots of scans in are local hospital. 
Then 2 visits in a hospital that is about an hour to get there.
The scans took 4+ hours. So I sat in my car for that time,
in the baking sun. Good job I took a book to read!!

The outcome is that he has Prostate Cancer.
A bit of a shock, as he had no symptoms at all.

He is on medication and waiting for a date to have Radiotherapy . 
They have an idea it will be the end of October.

So my Needle Felted  Koala was for him, as 
 he is Australian. 

So I am still doing Craft Fayres that I can  get 
to myself. Still taking 11 crates full of stock
 and 3 big wooden display stands!! 

I am doing one in a village in Norfolk next Sunday.

A bit difficult, as I had 2 bad falls and  waiting 
for x-ray results. I have a lovely Physio and 
doing the exercises she gave me. 
Well I can't be left out of the attention!!! Lol!!!

I will try to get on here a bit more regular.

Thank you Chrissy for my birthday card.
I am being very good and not opened it yet until
the day, which is Friday. Can't believe that I  will be 75!!

Big hugs,



Kath said...

Gosh Carol, you've had a right time! I hope your OH is okay and that you are too after your fall. I love your koala - and I'm sure your husband does too!
Kath x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You know I don’t blog now but had to pop over to check out this post, so sorry to read about you both. sending best wishes to you both x

Lynne said...

Oh Carol lovely to see you post again! Sorry to hear all your health news and hope your x-ray results are good news. Take it easy with all those crates and display stands! Your koala is really cute! x

Sue - said...

Oh my goodness Carol what a dreadful time you’ve been having. I was concerned as you hadn’t been posting or commenting as I knew your hubby had been back and forth to hospital. It’s good to see you’re still managing to craft though as I think it’s a good stress reliever. Happy birthday to him and hope he likes his koala! Sending lots of virtual hugs xx

cotnob said...

I'm so sorry to hear all of your bad news Carol, it sounds like you've had an horrendous time!
I hope your husband's treatment goes well and you soon recover from your falls.
Your Koala is adorable - so cute, I'm glad you still manage some craft fayres, you need to do something that you enjoy, don't do too much though.
Take care.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Sarah said...

What a time of it you've had. So sorry to hear that you've had so much going on. I hope that you are rcovering well from your falls and that your Hubby's treatment goes well. I love this koala and hope your Hubby does too xx

Chrissy said...

Glad to see you Carol, as you know, you had me worried..and your sweet little Koala is just lovely, so adorable, hope all is getting sorted and a bit more relaxing, take care, don't over do it..


Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday to your husband..hope his and your day goes well..


Carole said...

Oh my what a cutie your Koala bear is. I bet hubby is thrilled with him and it must be nice to still be able to see your creation and to not have to totally wave good bye to him! I hope hubby enjoyed his birthday and Happy Birthday to you for tomorrow. Sorry to hear you have been kept on your toes with things you could do without and I hope you are looking after yourself and that things will improve for you both soon. xx

Doreen said...

Wow what a rotten time you have had, I hope hubbys treatment goes ok. Love your

Mrs A. said...

Just caught up with your news and sorry to hear about hubby. Mine has Prostate cancer too so know what you are going through. hugs Mrs A.

Doris knippenenplakken said...

So bad, wish you both a lot of strength and courage!
Hugs Doris