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Wednesday 12 January 2011

The Wedding Of The Year Stamp Set!

Hi Everyone,
This is another card from the latest set of 'A Room With A View' stamps from Little Claire. This set also work in conjunction with the Christening set. The door and window are the same size. Very clever!

Just watched Steve from Little Claire on Create and Craft! Congratulations to the Design Team. I think the samples are the best of any shows I have seen and all so very different. I was very excited to see this card of mine, standing on the desk, with many other beautiful cards, throughout the programme. And this set went to 'Limited Stock'!
I used OHPens to colour the acetate and then stuck another piece of stamped acetate to the back of it with Glossy Accents.
I loved the Cat In The Window set of stamps, but that was one, sadly, that I did not get. The design teams' sample cards have made me now want to buy that set!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and please visit Little Claire's blog to see the rest of the Design Team's samples, they are amazing. You will love them!
Carol S.xx


Unknown said...

I loved that card and wondered how you did it . I didnt get the christening set but after seeing it I might have to buy it too. Wasnt it great seeing your cards on tv even although Steve didnt demonstrate my card I really enjoyed it. Mary x

Helen said...

It was great seeing all the cards on the show - as you say, one of the best ranges of example cards I've seen on C&C programmes.

Helen x