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Thursday 14 July 2011

A Buddha Nut! Really!!

Hi Everyone,

Were you infested with flying ants on Tuesday? I had 7 nests up my back garden path. There were thousands of them! I am not exaggerating! I fortunately had bought a spare pot of powder and I used 11/2 pots on the nests. It took me over an hour to deal with them. I felt itchy all evening. Yuk!

Well at least it was another nice day today. I am just hoping it will last a bit longer. I am up at 6am tomorrow, as I have to be at the Craft Market I am doing by 8am to set up! Then on Saturday up at 7am, to be at the Village Fete I am doing by 9.30am. I think I will spend Sunday asleep!! I wished!Lol!

This really is a Buddha Nut. I was in my local Garden Centre when I spotted a pack of 3 of them on a display. I just had to buy a pack.

This one is 14" high and a bit soft inside. I knew straight away when I saw them what I wanted to do with one. Goodness knows what I will do with the other 2! Watch this space.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!!

The butterflies are a set of Elusive Images' stamps. Now known as Chocolate Baroque. Painted with Distress inks of course.

I attached them to wire and on the other end, to a piece of card, which I then glued inside the nut.

I made the flower, just to hide the piece of card in the base.
It's the sort of thing that looks better in real life, as you can see the butterflies move. I have made a loop at the top so it can be hung up.

It's just a bit of fun really. I will put it on my stall and maybe it will appeal to someone. They will have to have a strange mind like mine to appreciate it!!

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good weekend,


Carol S. xx


maxine said...

Hi Carol this looks great a lovely and fun idea. I hope you're having a good week hugs maxine x

Jessica said...

What a fantastic creation - so unique and unusual. Jxx