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Friday 6 January 2012

My First Post Of 2012

Happy New Year everyone,

Sorry it is a bit late, but it has been rather hectic here in my little corner of Sussex! I am having a minor knee op, near to the end of the month, so I am trying to fit a lot into the next 3 weeks. After the op I will not be able to drive for a couple of weeks. Yuk!!

I am hoping it will mean I won't have to have a knee replacement yet. I cannot even think what it would be like to be stuck at home for weeks and weeks!!! I am not even thinking about that, just going to think positive.

This is a card using 'A Little Bit Sketchy' stamps from Sheena Douglass. The trees are from the set 'Lakeside Shore'. The Mountains in the background, are from the 'Peaceful Lakeside' set. I used the stamps for some of my Christmas cards. They look totally different in greens, rather than blue with glitter!Lol!! And no Santa flying across the sky, just 3 birds!!Lol!

I used 300gsm Watercolour paper but still used my Distress Inks. My Husband bought me some Watercolour paints for Christmas but I haven't used them yet. I will hopefully be painting my own sketched scenes, rather than using stamps. I just hope they will be good enough to post, as I haven't painted scenes for a loooooong time!
I made this card between taking my Christmas decs down and stripping the tree! My leg is not good at the moment, so I have to sit down quite a lot. A good excuse to sit at my desk.
My New Year resolution is that I am going to try to go to bed a bit earlier! It is 12.50am so I am going to fail tonight. Must try harder tomorrow!
Thank you for stopping by and please come back soon. I love your comments as they always make me smile.


Carol S.xx


Sandra said...

Hiya Carol. Wowzers... stunning card. I can't wait to see the ones you'll be making with your own scenes.
I hope all goes well regards your knee.
What a great New Years Resolution. I really need to bet to bed earlier as well. Too many 'Oh no - it's 3am and I'm still crafting' nights for me lately.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
Sandra xx

Louise said...

A beautiful card, as always, beautifully painted.
Hope all goes well for your op, I'll be thinking about you xxxx

Jessica said...

Happy New Year Carol - hope you are well (apart from the knee situation - will be thinking of you). Fantastic artwork - a beautiful creation. Jx

Donna Mosley said...

Oh! Carol, how did I miss this hun. STUNNING!!!!! your painting is amazing. Love it!

Donna x