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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Our Christmas Market.

Hi All,
I am still struggling with my new photo program. It's much more complicated than the last one.
These are a few pictures of our market we had earlier this month. It was not as busy as the last one but most of us did ok. I think it was a bit too late, and very short notice. We are going to start planning next years markets in January.
I will try to post more pictures tomorrow of a few more stalls.
The first picture was taken from my stall down towards the other end of the room.
The picture below is of my favourite jewellery stall, Chrys Tapping Jewellery. It is all handmade and each item is unique. I just love it and now have four of Chrys's creations. I will take a close up photo of my necklaces and post it, as this picture does not do it justice.

The picture below is of Richard and Ynes Anderson, Father and Daughter. He makes stunning wood turned items, such as bowls, vases and even miniature items. Ynes also makes miniatures. As I have had a go at that for items for my Dolls House, I know just how difficult these are to make. Her items are superb.

The picture below is my stall, a mix of painted mirrors. Clocks made from canvas that have also been painted and one I have made as a collage for a person who likes sewing. I used large press studs for the numbers. The other items are notebooks, door stops, cards and an assortment of gifts I have made.

The next picture is Phil Bird, a fantastic photographer. He actually lives opposite me with his wife Barbara. (not in the picture as she was not well)  He makes his photos into beautiful wall art and even into cards. A lot of his photos are in our towns' official calendar.
Siobhan is hiding behind her cards and Jenny, her Mum is behind their hand knitted items. I have known them for quite some time, as they used to come to some of my classes at the Craft Barn in Lingfield, where I was a Tutor and Demonstrator.  Siobhan now works there in the shop part time. Their knitted items sell very well and they still are trying to get their orders completed in time for Christmas. They are both great fun and we do meet up at quite a few markets.
We had a raffle with loads of prizes, a lot of which were won by the stall holders! They all had contributed a gift to the raffle along with many other items we had been given. We raised £35 from the raffle. I gave my Charity, Brendoncare Stildon £125 in total and a small donation to The British Heart Foundation.
I have finally finished all my orders tonight thank goodness.
Sadly I have to now spend tomorrow cleaning the house. Very boring, but it has to be done!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and I will even try to post some cards tomorrow as well.
Carol S.xx

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