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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I Don't Believe It!!!

Good Afternoon All,
Well I went to hospital this morning for my knee replacement operation and I am at home again!
I got up at 04.55 this morning, so I could have a slice of toast before 05.30, the deadline! I must admit I did go back to bed until 08.00 but didn't get any more sleep.
I had to be at the hospital for 11.30 and we did get there at 11.15. As the car park was closed and my husband couldn't find anywhere to park, I sent him off to work. I waited in the reception area until mid-day. I was then called through to a side ward, where I sat for another 10 minutes.
Eventually a nurse and another lady came in. The nurse said she was very sorry but the surgeon was not feeling well and has gone home. They apologised as said they did not know this until 11.15. So my operation was cancelled.
I said ok everyone gets ill, but why was I left all this time waiting before I was told and I was in reception at 11.15. I told them that my husband had left and gone to work as he couldn't park the car. (I was well peed off but remained polite.)
They asked if 2nd March was ok and could I be there for 07.15!!!!! The nurse said she wanted me to have the first appointment, as I had been inconvenienced today. The other lady was the surgeon's operation manager. So I had no choice but to agree.
I then had to call my husband to drive all the way back to get me. It's about a 35 minute drive.
So I spent the last 2 days cleaning the house for nothing!!!!!!!!! And I will have to do it all again next week!
This is a note book I have made for my stock, to sell at my charity markets. In side there is a lined note book and a pen.
The image is a Lili Of The Valley stamp, 'Watering Can'. I love the little bird, as you can colour him as any sort of bird you want.
I have used Distress Inks to colour with. I still prefer the effect you get with the inks, rather than alcohol pens. It's much softer looking, more like a true water colour.
I have 3 more books in the 'nearly done' state, using my old Art Impressions stamps.
I made the template up myself to fit the note pad and pens I had bought. I just cut the card slightly taller than the book, then laid down the book and pen onto the card. You can then work out your score lines, allowing for the thickness of the pad and pen. I rolled up some of the backing paper to hold the pen along side the book. To hold the book closed I used double sided velcro.
I couldn't give the measurements, as they are determined by the size of the book and pen.

I feel a bit disorganised at the moment. When my day changes like this, I cannot settle to do something else very easily. I then tend to waste time, day dreaming or fiddling about.
I will now try to get all my craft things out, I had even cleaned up my desk!
Thanks for stopping by and your good wishes for my op. I will keep them for Saturday week!!
Carol S.xx 


The Little Stamper said...

Oh how awful for you Carol, to build yourself up for your op, only to have it cancelled at the last minute....not to mention all that waiting around.

Hope everything goes to plan next time around.

Sharon x

Anne said...

What a palava Carol, it's not just the inconvenience either - you get yourself all worked up don't you thinking about the operation. I had a hip replacement a few years ago and have never looked back. There were people in at the same time having new knees and they were in such pain beforehand. I think the recovery time is longer with a knee but it will be so worth it - good luck on March 2nd x
Love your little book by the way, I've been practising with the inks and I too like the watercolour effect x

Unknown said...

Oh Carol hope things go to plan next time, its awful being mucked about, love your little book, Hugs, Mary x

mckinkle said...

There's no feeling like it being let down at the last minute whilst waiting for an op. Im sure the next few days will fly by until you can get on with it all and have it behind you. Gorgeous book!