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Sunday 15 June 2014

Not So Sure!

Hi everyone,
Firstly, welcome to my new followers. Thank you for taking the time to join my blog.
Hope you have been enjoying this glorious weather we have had here in West Sussex, wherever you are.
Hand update! My hand has greatly improved now. Just one sore to touch spot. So don't keep touching it!!Lol! At least my body pain has gone now too. The trouble is, the older we get, the longer it takes to recover from these sort of things. Thank you, to all you lovely people for your lovely messages. You are all very kind and caring.
My problem is, I am sure I can still do things and at the speed that I did them, when I was 35! That's the age I am mentally. It's the mirrors in my house, they keep showing me, some old bird that I don't know!! Has anyone else got one of these mirrors?
I got this Indigi Blu stamp set, free with a magazine. I liked this particular stamp, as you can just use her hair on its own, as a border. I do like stamps that you can use different parts, in different ways.
However, I was disappointed in the result of this stamping. It turned out very speckley, which looks very odd to me. I thought it was the ink I had used, which was Versafine Onyx Black but it wasn't. I have just received next months magazine and all the photos of cards, that readers had sent in, all have the same look.
Maybe its just me, but I would have preferred it to be smoother and solid colour. I was tempted to go over the image, using a Copics pen!

I just added a few gems to her hair to pick up the ribbon. The text I stamped with Versamark and embossed with black detail embossing powder.

Did a market yesterday. Much quieter than it usually is. There were a lot of other things going on in the village, as well as the football! I am doing a big one next Saturday and Sunday, at Coolings Garden Centre in Knockholt, Kent. It's quite a way from home but usually well attended. The restaurant there is well supported, so we get hundreds of people usually. Just hope the football doesn't get in the way!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments, are always appreciated.
Carol S.xx


aussie aNNie said...

Hi Carol, wow I love this and the speckley look is awesome. think it's meant to be like that as I have some of these stamps too, mind you never used them and won them over 18mths don't underestimate your art, it is beautiful....luv aNNIe...
The Journey is the Start

Inkyfingers said...

Hi Sue I love this design and the sentiment is wonderful I have this free stamp set too and haven't tried it yet, but I am with you on often being disappointed with the quality of the free stamps on magazines - doesn't seem to stop me getting the next one though lol!
Carol S

Rebecca Bradshaw said...

This is so beautiful, I think it looks gorgeous! The touch of red is so striking too. Glad to hear that your hand has improved!

Chrissy said...

I have several magazine stamps that dont stamp too well Carol..I love this image and the red gems give it such elegance..beautiful.
Glad your hand is getting better and I have mirrors like that in my house too..we must have shopped at the same


Kari said...

This is so wonderful! It look so elegant and I love the red ribbon!
Thank you for your kind words in my blog and I`m now a follower on your:Look forward to more fabulous work from you!
Big hugs,Kari :)

vic said...

This is just gorgeous carol love the image too :) I'm so glad your hand is getting better too that's great news!
Thank you for all your lovely comments :)
Vic x

shampylou30 said...

Beautiful card carol. I am usually disappointed with free magazine stamps too. I can never stamp them properly. I love how you have done the gems good luck with selling your cards at the weekend xxxxx

Lynsey said...

Hi Carol sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well. I love your card. I have a little tip to share with about the free stamps that come with magazines, rub an emery board over them. I find that helps with how they stamp out. Hugs Lynsey x

Elise said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww! Carol! This is absolutely GORRRRRGEOUS! I love this so much!!!!! So elegant and stunning!

I'm also glad to hear that your hand has greatly improved! Whew! Thank goodness! :)

Hope you're having wonderful days!

Big Hugs,

Anne said...

Oh Carol I have those mirrors too, so glad it's not just me that sees an 'old bird' staring back lol!!

I think it's just the quality of free stamps in general although you did a lovely job with this. I noticed last month Lavinia put a statement out saying that the magazine stamp was not reflective of their usually quality. When we have stamps as cover gifts we just supply the artwork and not the actual stamps, they get them manufactured (cheaply I imagine). Anne xx

aussie aNNie said...

Carol, I saw this image on another card and the specks were on there as well, she too was not happy...I hope your hand is better now and back to it's normal working order...will email you a little later tonight...xx

Shelly said...

Hi Carol! It's been a while... I'm so sorry to hear about your fall, I hope you're feeling much better and I'm glad to hear your hand is on the mend (us crafters NEED our hands)! Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandson, I hope he's doing well. I'm loving all the Saturated Canary cards you've done recently, especially the one with the little cat! Sending hugs, Shelly x