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Friday 27 May 2016

T-Wit T-Woo!!

I have had a rubbish week and glad this week is coming to an end!!
It started off ok but deteriorated as the week went on .

On Wednesday morning we popped out to the shops and on return,
 we noticed that the boiler had a blue flashing light on it.
We turned the heating on but nothing worked. 

Cut a long story short, or you might fall asleep!!
Two plumbers looked at it but it was too technical for them to do.
Yesterday morning, plumber number 3 told us it was the fan not working.

On his advice, we then got onto Bosch. 
They managed to book us in on a cancellation for that day.
Thank goodness, as we only had to get through one cold night 
with no heating!
A man came yesterday late morning....job done!!

Also on Wednesday, we were having the Summerhouse roof re-felted.
Should have taken an hour to do BUT!!!!
One side of the roof was fine. The other side, the wood was found to be 
rotten on both corners. 
When Rich lifted the piece of wood he had a bit of a surprise!
He found a mouse in it's nest along with a dead one!
The live one ran off. (well the dead one couldn't!!)

It ended up taking a lot longer than planned so cost extra! A lot!

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with Consultant.
He was very nice but I now have to go for another procedure
 in a few weeks. Not looking forward to that one!

He then sent me off to have blood test. 
It took 2 goes with the needle to get any out of me!!
Then it was too late to go to a Garden Centre we 
had planned to go to.

Well if you are still with me and not bored or asleep,
this little Owl is made from MDF.
I bought a couple of them last year at Ally Pally but wasn't
 sure how to decorate them.
So I had a play and this is the result.

The paper I used was free with a magazine.
The eyes I made with a strip of pearlised card, scored and folded
then made into a circle.
Topped of with google eyes and a ribbon bow below.

I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so off to bed.

Thank you for popping in and I hope you will leave me a message,
 to let me know you've been.
Big hugs,


Carole said...

Well you have had a tough week......I think I would have been running round the garden shrieking if I had seen that mouse!! Things can only get better as they say...lets hope so and that after all your tests things will be sorted for you. I too have had blood tests today...and two goes too!! nicely bruised now!! Do you think it is something to do with the name? I love your little owl and those googly eyes, at least you are managing creativity which I am sadly not at the moment. A coffee and natter and we would put the world to rights wouldn't we...shame that is not logistically possible. As my last post says 'chin up'...all crossed for you and really hope all goes well for you. Big hugs xx

Stamping Bubbles said...

Oh dear Carol, that sounds like a terrible week. I do hope things improve over the weekend.
Your owl if fabulous and I love his googly eyes.
Crafty hugs

Chrissy said...

And I thought my week was rough..hope it all past you now and all the very best of luck with your procedure..your little Owl is just gorgeous Carol..Il ove his eyes and fabulous papers on his body..he is wonderful...take care.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh what a week. It has been chilly this week, we had our heating on a couple of times. Sorry to hear about the hospital. Anyway on to your owl which is very very cute, love the eyes

Sarah said...

That sounds like a bummer of a week Carol, hope next week is better for you ((xx)). Your owl is fantastic, great coloured paper and the eyes are brilliant xx

Debs said...

Not the best of weeks Carol - as they say things can only get better and here's hoping they do.
Fabulous owl - love his google eyes.
Enjoy the extended weekend.
Debs xx

Sue - said...

Oh dear Carol, it sounds like an awful week. Why is it that all the bad things happen at once? Love your owl though! Especially his rosette eyes.

Little K Smith said...

Aawww how adorable is this owl! I love the colours and papers, a fab creation Carol :)

Elise said...

Wowwwwww Carol! This is AMAZING! I love how you did this! It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

Sorry you've had such a lousy week Carol .. i truly hope things will get better and you'll have lots of smiles soon!

Sending Big hugs,

Lynsey said...

Hi Carol, sounds like you have been busy getting more things fixed! I love this owl you have decorated it beautifully!
Hugs Lynseyx

cats whiskers said...

Hi Hun love this owl, the patchwork paper is fab
Jacqui xxx

Diane said...

Wow Carol what a terrible week you have had. Your patchwork owl is wonderful.

Hugs Diane

Chrissy said...

LOL...I thought the same thing about my pigge Carol..could hear the crunch of the


Chris said...

Well not s great week at all, hope the weekend is better for you. Love your cat and what a wonderful way to decorate it, the colours are superb! Chris x

Anne said...

Blimey Carol, what a week - it never rains but it pours! Hope the weekend was better. Love your sweet owl, that patchwork is perfect
Anne x