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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Poppy Love!!

Hi everyone,
I just love these Poppy stamps from Sheena Douglass. Because all the elements are separate, you can create a complete picture and in a different way, each time. I have painted a few things with them, using my Eco Acrylic paints but decided to use my Distress Inks on Watercolour Board. The result is very different, a much softer effect.
I had bought this frame for a cross stitch picture I had finished but found a more suitable, coloured frame for that one. I have left the frame natural, as this picture will be going on our charity stall on Friday week. I just hope I can get a few pounds for it.
This is why I am so addicted to Distress Inks, as you get such an amazing effect so easily. I find with my Copic Pens, I cannot get anywhere near this softness in my shading and the finish looks flat. I suppose I should use them a bit more and maybe I would improve. My problem is, my Distress Inks are within arms reach of my desk!! My Copics are over the other side of my room. Perhaps I could look on the walk as exercise and maybe I would lose some weight! Much better than eating lettuce!!Lol!

I have got a few more photos to download, so will post them over the next few days.
Thank you for visiting my blog and stop by again soon.
Carol S. xx

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Unknown said...

This is soo beautiful. Mary x