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Friday 8 June 2012

Inky Bits!

Hi All,

Just a quick post as I am off on holiday on Saturday. I still have to get plants into pots in the garden and if this rain doesn't stop tomorrow, I will be out there under a brolly in the morning.

I have just read that our area may have the hose pipe ban lifted at the end of the month. That will help a great deal, as I have an area of lawn to turf.

I found these notebooks and calculators that I got some time ago. I also have loads of peel offs that I never know quite what to do with.
The notebooks have metal covers and I stuck a peel off onto the front cover. I also have a reel of sticky back metal. I think it is used by plumbers for ducting systems. I stuck it over the front of the books and used a ball tool to go around the edges of the peel off to sharpen the image through the tape.

Then the fun bit. I used alcohol inks on an applicator and applied it right over the metal tape.

I used an assortment of colour mixes for different effects. On the dog image, top left, I made the dog brown and behind his head, I used Sky Blue for the sky. Pesto made a pretty good grass colour.

I also used some peel offs and metal tape on the top of the calculators screen covers.

I used a Copics blending pen to remove ink from the raised outline of the peel offs. It then made the image appear to be on the top of the tape.

I have done this before on little tins. Nobody could work out how I had done it! Simples!!

Well time for bed as it is now 01.15. My 6 year old Granddaughter told me off yesterday, when I told her what time I go to bed. It was so funny. Lol! 

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. I will be back after my holiday.
Carol S.xx

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