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Sunday 29 July 2012

Bits and Pieces

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I have been making the most of the good weather. I have had a new patio and 2 footpaths laid in the garden. What a mistake that was!!

I had a friends' husband and nephew doing the work, after she assured me that it was the sort of work he did. The nephew was a very hard worker but did what he was told.

The final result was, 2 paths that cannot be walked on, as all the slabs wobble. He had dug big lumps of earth out of the path area and laid down membrane on the earth without levelling it! Threw down the slabs on top of the membrane and topped it with gravel!!! Job done!! I said to him about the bumps and he said that the gravel would level them off and I should throw gravel under the wobbly slabs!!

What a cowboy!

I now have to take up the paths. Remove the gravel, lift off the slabs and remove the membrane. Then level off the ground by removing earth in some places and adding in others. I will then lay sand and cement, (which he made me buy last Saturday for £43 and he never used) on top of the earth for the slabs. Cover over with the membrane and finally add the gravel. All of which, should have been done in the first place.

I also have bumpy areas on the patio to sort out, along with rumpled and shredding membrane around the slabs.

I am very lucky, as I have 2 friends coming to help me next week.

Now I feel better after my rant, these are a few of the things I have made for my next Craft Fair, next month.

A few fusioned daisies on the candle and flower pot.

I do love Sheena Douglass's Stamps. They are very versatile and you always get a great image. I stamped them with Grey Stazon and painted with Eco Friendly Acrylic Paints from the Craft Barn in Lingfield.

 This pot has a matt finish, so it paints very easily.

 This was just a plain mug I bought in a sale. I stamped the sewing related images, using a set of stamps that were free with a magazine, sorry can't remember which one, using Stazon.The tape measure sticky tape was from the same magazine.

I made the Pincushion top with a scrap of fabric and stuffed it with wadding. I drew leaf shapes on some green felt and attached them to the top. The cherry was another scrap, cut into a circle. A row of gathering stitches around the edge and pulled up. I put some wadding inside, pulled the thread tight and attached it on top of the leaves.

I stitched some ribbon to the bottom edge which I tied to the mug handle.

Inside the mug I have put a few pins, needles, buttons and threads. All packed separately. Thought it made a nice little gift.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you liked what you have seen.

Carol S.xx


Sandra said...

Hiya Carol.
So sorry to hear about the 'Cowboys' you've had in the garden :o(
It's good to have a rant sometimes.
Love your crafty makes for your stall. My fav has got to be the sewing mug. Genius!
Sandra x

Louise said...

How awful that you've paid for a job and now you've got to do it again. some friend!
I love your crafty makes - beautiful paint fusioning and such a brilliant idea for the mug! Clever lady :)
Hugs xx