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Friday 11 September 2020

The Blues !!

I am pleased to say that my mojo has come back and
hope that it is here to stay!! Yipeeeeee!!

All I needed was a reason/purpose to make things.
Having got the Craft Market bookings, was all I needed.

If they all will be still happening, nobody knows.
However, all the time I think they will, is mentally 
important to me. 

So here is another MDF heart, made from my heart!! 
(Cheesy I know)!!

I had a lovely walk with a friend last Tuesday, through the 
local Marshes. 
We walked for just over 4 miles, with a coffee and a Sandwich
half way round! The weather was perfect and just warm enough
to enjoy it and not many people on the same route.

It's a shame that we cannot have the freedom, we have been
given the last few weeks.

It has been spoilt, by the people not conforming to the 
safety measures that were important to us all.

I saw 3 girls being interviewed on the TV, at a party.
They were asked why they were not conforming 
to the numbers that were allowed at a gathering.

Their reply really shocked me, which was
'We can't be bothered with all that. We want to have fun
and enjoy ourselves!!!'

I still cannot believe, that they have no cares for
their friends and families, getting ill and dying.

Well I have had my rant!! What do you think?

Enjoy the sun and stay safe.

Big hugs,


Doris knippenenplakken said...

Wouw...Gorgeous project Carol!
Beautiful details, colors, stay safe, hugs Doris

Carole said...

Hi Carol...I am with you on all aspects of this social distancing and selfishness by some. On a brighter note I LOVE this favourite colours, so vibrant and lovely , really draws the eye and I am sure will be a good seller at your fayre. I hope they go ahead for you...but if they are delayed then at least you will have stock for when the green light is given, Take care and so glad your mojo has returned. xx

Mrs A. said...

Gorgeous heart and I love the addition of the butterflies. I am at my wits end with all these people who choose not to conform and put the rest of us all in danger. Hugs Mrs A.

Diane said...

What a gorgeous heart design Carol. We live in a different world nowadays. Not sure what has happened to society.

Hugs diane

Doreen said...

Your heart is beautiful,so glad your mojo has

Marianne's Craftroom said...

This is beautiful, love the colour. People not complying really annoys me, because of them numbers are rising. We only go to places where we feel safe like visiting a friend yesterday, who I know is very carfeul.

cotnob said...

Another beautiful MDF heart Carol, it looks so different in the cooler colours - I'm sure these will sell very quickly.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

aussie aNNie said...

Just beautiful love those gorgeous colours and what a cool heart. x

Chrissy said...

What a beautiful heart the colours and papers, the silver details are so pretty..Social distancing, well, we are doing very well considering that las lot of morons,and that stupid church had all those people in there and went against the rules but, it got nipped in the bud pretty quick and although we are still on level 2 everyone is pretty good here around me anyway..


Unknown said...
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Pat K said...

Another gorgeous heart with wonderful colours. Sadly the selfish behavour of some shows up everywhere. We are in phase 3 and numbers are climbing back up. Not a good feeling. Stay safe xx

Jules said...

Hi Carol

Best I don't get started on the Covid situation .. .. .. I would go on for ever!

But your heart is wonderful. I love the colours and beautiful embellishments.

Pleased you have been able to "escape" into the real world for a little while. Fingers crossed we don't all get locked down again.

Love Jules xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

A gorgeous heart plaque Carol, lovely colours and pretty embellishments too.
These people are just careless and selfish, I don't understand them.