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Monday 18 October 2010

Our Charity Craft Fair.

Hi everyone,
I am so sorry with not reporting on my new Joy Die Cutting machine. We got rather tied up with organising and making items for our Charity Craft Fair. I promise I will do my next blog on the machine, complete with photos!

These are a few photos of the things we made, even the clocks! We held the sale in my conservatory. Thank goodness we had a big one built!! We did quite well on the day and have another 2 sales booked. The charity is the Stildon Brendoncare Foundation in East Grinstead, which I have supported for nearly 5 years. They look after elderly people in a beautiful, purpose built building, with full nursing facilities, along side residential apartments for those who can still look after themselves. The staff are wonderful, arranging lots of entertainment days and even had Christmas in June, complete with Christmas dinner!!
The wine in the rack in this picture was not for sale, just the items on top!!

We sold most of our desk calendars and even had a couple of orders. The table in this picture looked a bit different at the end of the day! Not quite so full!! Which was the whole idea after all.

We are looking forward to the next event so we can raise even more money, as even the charities are finding it hard at the moment.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. Also a special thanks to Mary, who often leaves a lovely comment.

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