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Monday 15 August 2011

At Last!!

Hi everyone,

At last I have finished unpacking! We moved into this house 2 years ago next week and I finished unpacking on Saturday!

My Dollshouse has sat in my craft room empty and gathering dust. Now I have decorated my room and 'A man who does', put a shelf on top of a cupboard my Dollshouse, I was able to put the furnishings into it. It took the whole of Saturday to complete it.

It stands 41" (104cm) high and is 28" (41 cm) square. It started life as lots of pieces of MDF that I glued together in 2003. The brickwork is done with a plaster type powder laid on with a stencil. I then painted each brick, as all bricks are different. The top cream colour is textured paint.

I also put in the electrics myself. Got a few burns from the soldering iron, as I had never used one! Lol!

The climbing rose I made from hole punch waste. Each piece was 1/8th of an inch (4mm) and each rose took 9 pieces. I made 60 roses and I don't know how many buds! The leaves were made with a punch. No, I didn't count them!!

This is a quick view inside. For the flooring I used Oak veneer strips, which I laid like wooden floor boards. All the ceilings have been papered, as have the walls.

The stair carpets and rugs I cross stitched to 12th scale.

I think the hardest bit to do were the banisters on the stairs. It was so hard getting all the spindles in the hand rail so they sat on the stairs properly.

I made a lot of the furniture and fittings myself using Balsa wood and Fimo clay.

I will give you a tour into the rooms over the next few days.

It makes a change from cards or budda nuts!!Lol!

Carol S. xx

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Jessica said...

Wow Carol - it's beautiful. You must be delighted to be all organised now. Jxx