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Wednesday 24 August 2011

The Sitting Room

Hi all,

I still haven't taken pics of cards and Fusioning bits, as the weather has been so bad and the light very poor. I am hoping tomorrow I can get them done.

My Grand daughter came for the day on Monday. She spent a couple of hours playing with my Dollshouse. She hadn't seen it complete since she was 3, so couldn't remember any of it. She was so excited and when it was time to go home, she said she wanted to stay with me. My Daughter had to come and get her!! I then spent an hour putting everything back in it's place!Lol! It was lovely to see her playing with it again.

So I thought I could post the next room in my Dollshouse. This is the sitting room. The first pic is the staircase that nearly drove me mad! Getting the spindles to fit in the slot in the hand rail and then sit on the stairs, was a nightmare. I could get 3 or 4 ok and the next one would be floating in the air! The carpet I cross stitched. I think I scaled down a pattern for a cake band.

This is Mother and Grandpa below. I bought the sofa and chairs in Spain and the big dresser behind them on Ebay. I made the tea trolley and the cakes. The firescreen also was cross stitched and the frame and stand I made with scraps of Balsa wood.

The picture below is one of the cushions on the sofa. I scaled down a small cross stitch pattern for a basket of flowers, from 3" x 3" to 1" x 1". I did have to use a magnifying glass to do these. Really good for my eyes! I had just come out of hospital, after having had an operation on my knee. I was bored laying on the sofa with my leg in the air!Lol!! I decided I needed to be doing something.
I used one strand of embroidery floss on a piece of linen.

The cake stand below I made with a Victorian button glued onto a small bead and then glued onto a part of a necklace I bought from a car boot.

The cake slice that you can just see the handle of is actually silver and was a gift from a friend. The cakes, scones and jelly I made with Fimo.

The last picture is Grandma with her knitting, which I did on sewing needles with sewing cotton.
The bell pull on the wall is cross stitched. In a spate of madness, (my friends say that is quite often!!) I bought the Grandfather clock. It actually works and is another clock to change twice a year!!

I hope you are not bored yet viewing my house. Back to cards and candles hopefully tomorrow!

Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments.

Carol S. xx

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HelenR said...

What details Carol! Lovely! HelenR :) x