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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Study

Hi everyone,

OMG I am another year older in one day, on Friday!! I have given up adding years on! I now will say I am 44 plus VAT!

This is the Study in my Dollshouse. I made the floor raised at the back to create a 'Library' area. The bookcase, desk, chair and shell pictures are all my Balsa wood makes. The chair I covered with leather and as Balsa wood is so soft, I was able to sew straight through it, to create a button back effect. The shells we collected on Denia beach in Spain. We had a competition to see who could find the smallest perfect shell!

The fossils on the desk are real and were found in Dorset. The books I made and are covered with leather, as is the top of the desk. I also have paneled the walls with wood.

In the picture below, the centre piece is a telescope I made from a drinking straw, cocktail sticks, and a round piece of Balsa. Topped it with a brass washer my husband found in his works car park and screw with a split ring attached. Oh, and beads for the feet and 2 eyelets for the ends of the straw. Total cost, 10p at the most!! The telescope does also slide in and out!

One of the things I like about this room is that there are very special things in there. Behind the chair you can see the top of a brass coat rack and on the book shelf, there are a two brass ducks. These belonged to my best friend who sadly passed away 9 years ago, aged 54. Her husband found them amongst her many collections and asked me if I would like them for my house. They fit in perfectly.

Back to box making at my desk and no early night tonight!

Thank you for popping in and Happy Birthday to anyone who shares the 2nd September with me.Lol!!
Luv, Carol S. xx

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!!!! Hope you have a good one. The dolls house is amazing - a place for everything and everything in it's place - perfect. Jxx