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Tuesday, 7 April 2020

An Old Frame

I have been having some fun with my airdry clay. 
It's quite relaxing, because if you don't like what you have made,
you just squash it in your hand and start again!!

 I have had this old wooden frame in my craft room
for ages, along with a few others. They were waiting for
me, to have the time to play with some ideas, to  make them 
look a lot better than they did. 

I gave it a base coat of Gesso and then a coat of grey paint.
Then came my crackle paint layer.

While that was drying, I made my roses with my Hearty Clay.
It was a first attempt at making the Calla Lily.

There we are, finished at last!!

Just a quick post and there are more sitting in my draft list!!

Have you got an Easter Egg? I haven't had one for years!!

I hope you are all staying home and safe.

My neighbour is in hospital with the Virus but appears
to be getting better. Everything crossed for him and his family.

Big hugs,

Friday, 3 April 2020


This is a set of stamps that I have had for at least 
12 or 13 years!! There are 2 sets in one pack and
I have 2 packs. I think they are Woodware stamps.
They have all been used......a long time ago!!

They are coloured with Distress Inks. 
Looks like the butterfly on the left has lost it's colour! That's
taking photos with the sun streaming in the window!!
Not complaining about the sun, as it does give you a lift!!
Well it does me!! And boy do we need a big bit of a lift!!

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post. 
They give me a lift too. 
I cancelled my scan appointment at the hospital, which was
on Good Friday. They said they would have probably cancelled it anyway.
So still doing the drops in my nose twice a day. 
Got another 4 weeks of that!!

So stay at home and keep safe in this scary time.

Big hugs,

Thursday, 2 April 2020

It's A Bag

Hi, all my lovely followers and thank you for the lovely
messages on my last posting. You are all so kind.

This one will be short and no rambling, to bore tearsπŸ˜‚

This is the last bag I have to do, as Hobbycraft are no longer 
selling them.
I still have this one but it is sold. 

The background card is so beautiful and looks much nicer in real life.
 It may show up better if you click on it to make it bigger.
It is similar on the other side too.

Well thats it from me. I am struggling with my Mojo.
Okay some days and other days not interested.
We are not used to have to look at the same 4 walls, 24/7!!
I always wished I could have one day to be bored!!
Never again!! Just not used to all this free time!!

Stay safe in your home,
big hugs,

Friday, 27 March 2020

Bits Of Slate......Or Is It?!!!!

I hope you are keeping well and safe, in this 
awful time we are having this year.

It's just surreal and can't wait for it to go away!!

I am trying to do different things, now that I have the time to play!!

I do like the look of slate but a bit pricey for what 
I would do with it. So I thought I could try to make
something to look like slate. So this is what I made!!

The bigger flowers I made with clay and the small roses are from 
Hobbycraft. The cream fillers are from Anna-Marie Designs.

This was the first one I tried to make. The flowers are from Hobbycraft.
They do sell some flowers with tiny beads around the centre
of the flowers. As I have had minute beads, in a few different 
colours for years, I would add some myself!!

Well today, I have finished painting a drawer set, which I keep
my distress inks in. I had one side not finished!!
Don't ask me why, as it was bought over 4 years ago!!!
It was my first purchase in Beccles in Suffolk.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving lovely messages. 
Just what we need at the moment.
Thank you, to you all that left me kind messages on my last post.

Big hugs,
Keep safe,

Monday, 23 March 2020

Took 5 Years!!!

Firstly, I must thank you all for your kind messages,
on my last post here and on my Face Book page. 

Also to welcome Debbie, a new follower and hope you 
like what you see!!

Yes, the title 'Took 5 Years' is correct!!
I started making this wine bottle just over 5 years ago!
I originally covered it with plaster of paris and painted it with 
duck egg blue paint. I then added some embellishments

I covered it with Gesso and job done. 

The problem was, I didn't like it! 
So it sat on my desk for 5 years. I even moved house 4 years ago
and it still sat on my desk!

Until last Saturday!! 
I wanted to do something messy, so picked up the bottle and made 
a start on it. Stripping off all the embellishments.

I made the flowers with clay and sprayed them with 
some bottles of Tattered Angels, a mica and a mix of colours.

I also sprayed the bottle with some of the colours.
I then used on everything, some Cosmic Shimmer Opal Polish and  
Metallic Gilding Polish, which I used my fingers to spread it where I 
wanted it. Very messy but great fun.

The colours are much nicer in real life and the Mica
is gorgeous. 
I am quite pleased with it now!! Lol!!

It's just like the world has been tipped upside down, with 
the Coronavirus and to me it feels surreal. 
I just wished that I could wake up in the 
morning, to find it was just a bad dream!!

At least, here in Suffolk, the sun has been shining for a 
couple of days and the spring flowers are so pretty.

Please stay at home if you can and stay safe. 
We have cancelled our holiday and I am thinking
of cancelling a scan, that I am booked to have on Good Friday.

Big hugs,

Friday, 13 March 2020

Have a Heart!!

Thank you so much for your lovely messages on my last post.
They were very much appreciated. 
Kelly you always make me smile!!

I made this heart this afternoon, to take with me to a Craft Fayre
tomorrow. I just have to put the ribbon on it, to hang it with.

It is the first time I have done this Fayre.
It's in a lovely town, Southwold, in Suffolk and right by the sea. 
The lady running it, asked me if I would like a table there. 
It took me 1 second to say yes please!!!

The white roses were made with airdry clay, by a lovely lady
called Mellie and she has a stall at a Craft Fayre I do, every month.
She is an award winning wedding cake maker.

At the Fayres, she makes and sells miniature animals, mostly bears.
So very cute and I have one on a shelf over my desk.😍

I made the pink rose and the leaves. All out of air dry clay. 

The pink rose was made with three shades of pink. The
darkest in the centre and the lightest on the outside

Off to bed for an early night, as we have to get up at 6am!!

Thank you for your lovely messages, that are well loved
and you know I will visit your blogs too.

Please keep safe and well. 

Big hugs, 

Monday, 9 March 2020

Spot The Cat!!

Spot the cat and not the one at the bottom
corner of the card!!

Just found this card in 'Draft' and now see
why I didn't post it!! Photo was rubbish, as it
was taken on a grey day. So I just went into
my image program and lightened it a bit.

It is a very old stamp and took ages to colour!
I mainly used Copics, with a few Tombows
thrown in!!

I nearly just threw it into the bin, but managed
to finish it!! Phew!!!

Thank you for taking the time, to leave me such lovely
 messages on my last two posts.
You are all so kind. 

I am a bit excited, because I have been asked if I 
would like a table on Saturday 14th March, 
at a Craft Fayre in Southwold town.
Omg!! I have so wanted to get into this town!!

Oh, an update on my nose (saga) problem. Went to see a 
ENT Consultant at our local hospital last Thursday.
He stuck a camera up my nose! Not nice!!
He thought it could be a number of different things. 
Had a blood test as always. If that is ok, I will get a date to 
have a Cat Scan. If nothing shows up on that, 
I will the have to have an MRI Scan.

Having to do a nasal washout 6 times a day and
waiting for my surgery, to process a script for
nose drops, to be used for 8 weeks!!! Ugh!!

On that note, I am going back to my desk,
as I want to do something that came to me,
just before I got out of bed!!
But I must finish the 3 items on my desk, 
that I am still in the 
middle of putting them together. 

Do you have 'light bulb ' thoughts and 
then can't wait to do it?!!

I might have another post, if it works.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You know I love to
read your lovely messages and then I 
can pop over to your blogs too.

Big hugs,

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Butterfly Tick Tock!!

 Hope you are all safe and dry with this dreadful weather
we seem to be having, over the whole of the country.
I think we have been lucky here in Suffolk. 
We have just had a small pool of water in one flower bed 
in the back garden. Also my Obelisk was leaning a bit,
but all the Honeysuckle growing up it, stopped
it from going right over. 

We have our first Craft Fayre this year on 
Tuesday 3rd March. So I have been busy 
making new items for my stall.

This is one of the items.

I have one of these clocks in my Craftroom.
It was a class I did for The Craft Barn in Surrey.
Mmmmmm!!! A few years ago!!!!πŸ˜„

The roof is decorated too but the photo is rubbish!!

It does have a back, so you can't see the clock mechanism.
It was just an idea I had for my monthly class,
as they wanted to make a clock. The class was
a full day, as they have to prep the pieces of the box.

I had cut all the pieces (and there are a lot of pieces!!)
 but they had to Gesso and
paint them with the colours they wanted. 
Then to add the texture using stencils.

Fortunately I had my instructions still, that I had written
up, as I was making the original.

Off to my desk again. as I have another project to get on with.

Thanks for your lovely messages on my last post.
Also for taking the time again, to pop into my 
little corner of Suffolk. The messages you leave
  are so appreciated and enjoyed. 
I will also visit your blog and leave messages for you too.

Big hugs,

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Hare We Are Again!!

Hi to my lovely followers and thank you for
the lovely comments on my Giraffe.
Very much appreciated.

 As promised, Hare is another Pink Ink Designs stamp!!

In addition to the main huge Hare stamp, you also get
10 background stamps. They can also be used as toppers
in their own right.

This was the first one I bought last year.
How can you not just love that cute face!!

I also have another stamp set, that is stamped and 
coloured but not made into anything yet.

An update on my nose problem. I am now
on antibiotics. I am not having a full day of the smell
in my head now. So a lot better but if it is still with 
me at the end of the prescription, I have an appointment 
at our local hospital, with the ENT department.

So fingers crossed I won't need to go to the 
hospital, which I will cancel if all ok.

Have a lovely weekend and hope your
area is safe from Dennis!!

Thanks for visiting my little corner and will enjoy 
reading your comments, you have been kind
enough to leave me.

Big hugs

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Are You Having a Giraffe?!!!

I just had to take him home!!
He is very big, 19cm tall but I just fell in love!!

I found him at Thetford, Norfolk, Sincerely Yours Craft show,
on last Sunday.

He is a Pink Ink Designs stamp.
I do have another 2 of their stamps which I will also post.

I stamped him onto Langton Watercolour Card and painted
him with Watercolour paints, both bought at Hobbycraft.

I stamped his ears again and 3D them and also the flower.
The flower and leaves come with the stamp, along with 
other leaves and the sentiment that I have used as the post name.
I put some Glossy Accents on his eyes.

I have decided to keep this one for myself!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and
fitting in some time for crafting!

Thanks for taking time out to pop into my little 
Crafty Corner and you know I love reading your
lovely messages too.

Big hugs,