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Thursday, 16 January 2020

My Old Stamps

I have at last come out of hibernation!!

I have a problem with my sinus and nobody I know
 has ever heard of it!! 

I can smell a chemical smell in my left nostril, on and off,
all day. I've had it for about 6 weeks now and in the beginning,
 I thought it was a combination of cleaners I had used on the kitchen floor. 
I then thought I had spread it around the house from the soles 
of my slippers. So I washed them but I could still smell it.
So I threw out my new slippers. 

To cut a long story short, I googled it and found it's called
My body is making the smell and nobody else can smell it!!
It is horrible and is now making my face swollen. 
Weird or what!! 
I spoke to a Pharmacist in Boots Chemist and she said I should 
try to get an appointment with a Doctor. 

So I will update when I 
see one!!

If you are still with me, I have used a stamp that I have had
for many years and not used for years!!
I used to have an addiction for Sarah Kaye stamps!!

I found the image ready stamped in a box, along with
quite a few more! 
I coloured her with Copics pens and the backing
papers were just found in a bits box. 

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?!!!

Thank you for stopping by and as always, I love to read you messages.
I will also pop over to your blog and leave you a message too,

So have a great weekend,
Big hugs, 

I had to go to a different Surgery and 
saw a very nice lady. She said it all
looked normal, but as she couldn't
see much, she is going to tell my GP that
I need an MRI scan. So she said to ring 
my Surgery on Monday to see if they 
have got it in action! 
To be continued!!!xx

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Quick and Easy

I loved using this Edge Die. 
It was very quick, once you worked out
the angle you wanted it to be on!

I used white and red glitter card, both bought
in Hobbycraft in Norwich.

Added a few drops of Nuvo Crystal drops for the berries.
Loved the result and no glitter all over my desk!

Thanks for stopping by, as I know you must
all be very busy at the moment.

I feel very strange, as I don't have to be making 
things for Craft Fayres!!

I now have time to play with my clay and get some 
new ideas for next year. Also some mixed media 
canvases will be fun.

 I will love to read your messages you leave me.
I will now be getting back to your blogs too.

Big hugs, 

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Special Friend

Wakey, wakey I am back again!!!

I am afraid it was head down and make 42 Christmas cards!!
I had a few already made but not enough.

I did my last Craft Fair on the 3rd of this month and had record
sales this year!! Selling exactly 40 of my fabric Baubles,
certainly gave my sales a boost. 
Two of them are going to Australia, when the guy
who bought them returns to his home near Sydney.

I made this Christmas card for a very special friend and gave 
it to her today. She loved it.

We both love shabby chic and really enjoyed making it.
The photo is not very good, as the weather we were 
having for the last few days, was wet, dark and miserable.

I have had the papers for some time and didn't want
to cut into them! But for her, I got the courage to do so!!

We had a trip to The Norwich and Norfolk Hospital this
morning. So I had to get up at 6.30am to get to her house
by 8am, in time to make her appointment. 
I went with her to see the new consultant, for her ongoing illness.
For the first time we came out with a diagnosis. Yippee!!
It has taken over 2 years and loads of tests, to finally getting
a brilliant consultant, that will give a definite diagnosis to her!!

We left the hospital very happy and now know what they
are going to do, to try to get her back to normal. 

So we went into the city. Had a lovely lunch and did 
a bit of Christmas shopping. 
I bought myself (for hubby to wrap up and give it to me on the day)
a gorgeous Jasper Conran bag. 

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a lovely message, 
that I appreciate and so I can message you on your blog too.

Big hugs,

Saturday, 30 November 2019


An elegant lady for a lovely lady who is a friend, well into 
her nineties. 
An old Clarity image and coloured with Copics.

I have caught up with most of my blogger friends this weeks.
I will get to everyone over the weekend.

I have my last Craft Fayre on this coming Tuesday, at 
The Cliff Hotel in Gorleston, Norfolk.

Pop in if you are in the area. We are open from 10am to 3pm this
time, as the Hotel has a function that evening.

Thank you for the messages I have had and hope you have
a lovely weekend.

Big hugs,

Friday, 22 November 2019

What a Wreath!!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post.

I am definitely going to try to get to all my lovely followers
blogs and catch up on housework!!

This small wreath is having it's first outing to a 
Craft Fayre tomorrow, at a school in Martham, Norfolk.

The ribbon I bought from a friend Teresa Carter, who retails 
under the name 'Butterflies'. She goes to most
of the Fayres at The Cliff and also does the Beccles
Farmers Market twice a month.

I usually keep her ribbons in a bag and not use them, 
as they are so beautiful. 
She gave me some last week and insisted I use them!!!

The tree and base wreath came from Hobbycraft.

The picture doesn't show the ribbon at it's best.
Maybe it will if you click on it.

Well that's it for tonight, as I have to get up at 06.15 tomorrow!!
Craft Fayre number 28!!

Thank you for stopping by and
hope you will visit again!!

PS: Just clicked on picture and it does look better!!

Big hugs, 

Friday, 15 November 2019

Snow and Advent Calendar.

A very quick post. 
Firstly, a big thank you to the 6 lovely people
that left me messages on my last post.

As I explained, my lack of posting is due to the 
very busy time for Craft Fairs for me.

I have now completed 23 Fairs and only 5 more to do!!
Most of them have been very busy and I have sold a lot
of my makes. Great for my charity but late nights for me!!

I have now sold 29 of my baubles!! Crazy!!

This Mr & Mrs Snow sold on it's first outing. 
I have made another one for my next fairs this weekend.

I did also mention on a post that I was doing a cross stitch
 Advent Calendar. I have finished it now and will be 
posted to my Grandson shortly.
I haven't used Aida for many years, as
I prefer the finish that linen gives. 

I had finished all the cross stitch but I then had to find
time to sew it all together and also attach it to 
a piece of card for the backing.


Well back to my desk to finish a little project. 

Thank you for visiting and will catch up with you shortly.

Big hugs,

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Still here!!

I am still here!!
Making yet more Baubles for my next Craft Fayre on Tuesday!!
So far I have sold 22 of them!!

My tidy Craft Room!!

I do try to keep it tidy a bit, keeping different things in bags.

Finished 3 of them and another 4 to have their
dressing on the top of them.

I also have 5 other projects to finish and one commission too.

It is a very busy time for most of us crafters and I 
am sure you will understand why I am not
getting to all of your posts.

I will try to get to a few more this week.

Big hugs,


Saturday, 26 October 2019

Quirky Tree!!

Just a very quick post, as I am surrounded by half made items for
my next Craft Fair on Sunday.

I have had an amazing time at all my Craft Fairs recently. 
The only problem is, having to make yet more stock for 
the next fairs!!

Sorry I haven't been visiting blogs but I will catch up next week.

This is one of my new makes. Took ages to make and hubby 
said he didn't know how I had the patience to make it.

I liked it so much, that I am keeping this one and making 
another one to sell!!

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for finding time to pop 
into my blog. I promise I will visit you all next week!!

Big Hugs,

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A Diamond

A neighbour asked if I would make a card for
their friends' Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

So this what I came up with.
The glitter card I used was from Hobbycraft, 
as were some of the flowers.

The background is a pearlescent card I bought at 
Thetford Craft Show. I used a Craft Too A4 
Embossing folder on it.

This is the insert paper from my stash and 
the sentiment I printed on my computer.
The wording was given to me from
my neighbour.

As it was an 8" x 8" card, I made a box for it, as it was 
going to be hand delivered.

She thought it was far above what she thought 
it would be! It was the first card I have made for her.
She hasn't seen my cards other than their 
Christmas card I gave them last year!

Thank you for all your lovely messages you left
me on my last post.
My swirly patterend bauble is much better than
the one on my last post!!
It was a fiddle to make initially but got the hang of it now.

I was hoping it would take less fabric but it  
still took 92 x 2 inch squares!! 

In between my Christmas makes to sell, I have just 
finished doing a Cross stitch Advent Calendar
for my Grandson. I now have to get my 
sewing machine out and put all the pieces together!!

I will post it when it's finshed.

Big hugs,


Friday, 4 October 2019

Christmas Is Coming!!

Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days but
I did 3 Craft Fayres, within 4 days last week!!

I sold so much, that I am trying to replenish my stock!!

This Snow People scene is huge, well compared to the one
I did last Christmas! The snowman is 9cm high and Mrs is
8cm high. So it took quite a time to make and air dry them.

I had the Tando sleigh sides and I just made a box to
join them together, so you can put chocs in it.

This bauble was just me playing, to see if I could make a 
different design for a change from straight lines.

I wasn't sure where to start and finish, so just had to undo it
a couple of times to get it right.
I took it to the first Fayre and it sold within the 
first 10 minutes!!!

I made another one and that looked much better and it sold 
at the next Fayre!! 

I have just taken a few minutes away from my desk, whilst 3 
projects I am working on dry.

My next Fayres are on the 12th & 13th of this month, 
so I have got a few days to get a few things made.

Have a lovely weekend
and I will try to get to your blogs over this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and I do so love reading your 
lovely messages.

Big hugs,