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Sunday, 24 January 2021

Little Robin Redbreast!!

I hadn't noticed how many grey feathers there are on a Robin!
Also, they might be called Robin Redbreasts but they are more 
orange than red. 
In the 15th Century they decided to give animals English names.
So in America they called them Robin Redbreast, because
there was not a colour orange in English, until the 16th Century
when they found oranges.

Thought you might like that bit of History!!

For the size of the birds, they have rather big feet. 
My Needle Felted one is standing on a bit of driftwood
from my stash. He is just balanced and not glued.

Another make without the proper eyes!


Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog and
for leaving your lovely, up lifting messages. 
They are all read and much appreciated. 

Stay safe and well.
Big hugs,


Thursday, 21 January 2021

A Baby Yorkie!!

Thank you for all the lovely messages on my last post.
I just hope my Needle Felting will improve!!

This is another one!! She is lying down and has 4 legs!!
Her head looks too big for her body!!
It is just the angle I took the photo!!
I just so wish I can get my 'eyes' delivered soon!!
For my makes!!

She looks  much better than the bear!!

Hope you are staying home and keep on crafting!!

My mojo comes and goes but then I have to find 
something to do outside my craft room. 

A special 'Thanks' to Mrs A. for all the time
she spends making 'Word Search Games' for us.

They are great fun.

Keep safe,
Big hugs,


Sunday, 17 January 2021

A Little Bitty Bear!!

Welcome to my new follower, Rachel and hope you 
like what you see on my little blog.

I have been keeping myself busy with my new hobby,
Needle Felting. This was my first little bear and I am
still waiting for a delivery of the eyes I have ordered!
So I have just used little brads.

He measures just over 4 inches (11cm) sitting down.

His waistcoat was an after thought. I decided that he needed something.
So I thought I would give it a try and this was the result. 
All made straight on the bear, except the bow tie. 

I have a few more animals made but not quite ready to show.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
When we got up, we were greeted with a garden covered with......
the white stuff.....Snow!!
It was coming down quite heavily but not staying on the patio.
We just had white grass. After a couple of hours, it changed to sleet.
That lasted a while and then changed to rain.
Finally it stopped and then bye bye snow!!

Thank you all for the lovely messages you left me on 
my last post. It was so kind and made me quite emotional.

So keep warm and safe.
Big Hugs,


Monday, 4 January 2021

A Lovely Lily

Happy New Year everybody.

Thank you for all your lovely messages on my last post..

My first post, for hopefully a better year than the last one!!

I had a play with Clay for a change and tried out
this new mould.. It took a bit longer than most moulds, as
every part hat to be shaped and then left to dry out.

Quite pleased for the first one. I now no another way on how 
to do it, which would make it easier than how I chose to do this one.

I have been playing with my Needle Felting. Making different animals, 
Fairies and even toadstools! 
I can't wait to improve my skill at it.. I know I will look back at 
these makes and just laugh at them!! 

Still, it is keeping me sane, during the lock down. 
I think it's a case of wanting to go somewhere but you can't.
So some days, I have just sat around doing nothing, which is not me.
I was talking to a friend is Sussex and she said that she was the same.
So that made me feel a bit better.

I have promised myself, that this evening I will visit all your 
blogs and leave a message. 
I must try to get my head in a good place!!
Stay safe,
Big hugs,


Friday, 25 December 2020


Happy Christmas to all my lovely friends and family.

We hope that, at sooner rather than later, 2021 will be getting
back to normal, as we know it.

This was one of my projects for the Craft Fairs I never did.

I  will spend my spare time playing with my Needle Felting.

I already have 2 orders. One for a Hare and one for a fox!!
I really need a bit more practice first.

So please take care, stay safe and stay at home if you can.

Big hugs.


Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Two Of A Kind!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post..
Also, I have picked a name for my Hare!!
I couldn't decide, so I put all the names in a pot
and pulled one out , which is
His name was from Pauline at Cotnob Cards.
He does look more boyish I think. So thank you Pauline.
Two of my favourite cards I made this year.
.A little bit fiddly but worth it!!

They have been sent out to friends or family..

 The Flowers I made with Hobbycraft Glitter Card.
Thankfully no loose glitter.

Well not long to go now to the big day.
 A quiet one for us and we haven't really 
got presents under the tree. either.
I have already had mine last wee.k!!
So I bought Hubby a little something. well for both of us!!

A bit lost at the moment, as to what to do next!!
I have a problem, as I find it difficult to sit on my hands!!

A strange era we are living in.
Must look forward to next year getting back to normal.
Just hope the idiots who think it's just a bout of flu,
think again and stay home.. 
Wishful thinking I know!!.  I spoke to one last week!!
I can't put on here, what I really thought of this person.
but did tell them what I thought of them!!!
Made me feel a bit better but just went straight
over their head.!! As they didn't have a brain, there
was nothing to stop it!!

Right off to find something to do!!
Stay safe and well,
Big hugs,


Monday, 14 December 2020

A New Craft For Me!!!

I have wanted to have a go at Needle Felting for a while.
I started with a mouse and husband said it looked more
like a rat!!! 
So I left it for a few days and decided to try making a Hare. 
I have a clay one, that was a gift from a friend. 
So I used it as an idea.

This was the final result, after a few finishing touches,
along with a few stabbings of a finger!!

It's far from perfect but better than I hoped,
for a first attempt.
I now need a name, male or female for it.
So if you pop in, could you leave a name in your comment!!

I am not completely happy with the ears but 
I can see what I need to do next time.

I think this is going to be a new, addictive craft for me!!!
At least it's a 'tidy desk' craft and a clean one too, which is
great for me. I can be a bit messy if I am on a roll!!!

Thank you for finding the time to leave a message on my last post.
I love to read them and they are treasured, especially
in the climate we are going through at the moment.

We think my sister's Alzheimer's is more advanced than we perhaps thought.
It's harder for my Sister, who lives close to the 'Home'.
She has been her rock and her carer for some time.
I just wish I could be there. Not that we could get in the home.

Thanks for popping in and would love your feedback on my Hare.
Don't forget to add a name. Can't wait for them!!
Stay safe.
Big Hugs.


Sunday, 6 December 2020

Favourite Christmas Quickies!!

I love blue and white cards for Christmas.
The card background is actually white!!
Why do camera's change colours?!!!

Spot the difference!!! 
I love making pretty, yet simple cards.
The Deer are from a die set I bought last Christmas.
I think it was on Amazon.
The trees are a very old stamp and I used
Broken China Distress Ink.  

I have posted all my cards and even got my tree and 
decs all done!! It certainly gives me a lift.

I really can't wait for the end of this year.
I have had so many sad happenings within my family
and friends. It's just one thing after another.

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post
and they are all read and appreciated. 

Big hugs.


Tuesday, 1 December 2020

A Red & White Christmas.

Thank you for popping into my blog.
Sorry I haven't been around every day but been a bit tied up.

This is a quick post with one of my cards ready to be posted.
I will be doing that tomorrow.

The Poinsettia. is die cut with a set of dies I have had for years,
and I used some red glitter card from Hobbycraft. 
The sentiment was also die cut with the red glitter card,
and dropped shadow onto a piece of white pearl card.

I used a snowflake die to cut the aperture.
The backing paper is just from my stash.

Well it's 1. am and I want an early night for a change.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well and looking
forward to Wednesday here, as we will be able to go out again!!

Thanks for popping in and you know I treasure you comments.

Big hugs,


Sunday, 15 November 2020

It's Christmas!! Well Nearly!!

I have just finished making my Christmas cards.
Along with 3 Birthdays cards.
I won't post the Christmas ones until the first
 week in December.

A word of warning!!
Don't post anything 1st class, expecting it to arrive
the following day. I posted a small box to my sister,.
and I also asked it to be signed for at the other end..
I posted it on Monday and it finally arrived on Friday!!

I was annoyed and concerned, that it had been lost,
So I had not only paid a lot more for the service that
wasn't working, I don't think I should have even been 
offered it!!

I love this little LOTV snowman and friends stamp. It comes out every year and coloured with Copics. 
The trees were cut from
Glitter card from Hobbycraft, I bought the Merry Christmas die on line. 

I think I am going to spend some lockdown hours, on my family scrapbook.
 I thought, for a bit of fun, I will make a small scrapbook,
with the photos of my different hairstyles I have had, from a child to now!! 
As I have been a hairdresser for 58 years
(and still cut my own hair and my husbands,) I have 
had some weird and hilarious styles through 
the 60's to the 90's!!

I have quite a lot of my items, I usually take to the Craft Fairs to sell, are now on Facebook in 
Marketplace and 3 other groups.
I am just trying to get some money for the Charity Care 
Homes I fund raise for.

Thank you for the lovely messages you left on my last post.
They were all read and appreciated. 
Stay safe in this awful time we find ourselves in.
Big hugs,