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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Lily and more!!

A lovely Lily Stamp by Sheena Douglas.
I picked it up, unused, at a Cancer Charity Shop, along
with other stamps, back end of last year.

It just got used for the first time, for this CAS card.

It will be great to stamp the petals twice and 3D them.

Stamped onto Watercolour card and painted with
Distress Inks.
A very simple CAS card and quick to make.

I have spent quite a lot of time doing some 
major jobs in the garden! Including sawing down
some old shrubs I didn't like and I will replace them with 
ones that I like more! 
I did keep 2 Honeysuckle climbers I liked and a climbing Rose.
All growing in the same area, up a wall at the end of the garden.

I now have a bit more sawing to do and then decide what plants 
I want to make the bed with. I have quite a lot of plants in tubs, 
some that will be suitable for the shady area.

Well sitting here, on my computer won't get it done!!

Not a cloud in the sky and already 25 degrees!!
Fortunately, the area I will be working in, is in the 
shade for the morning. It gets full sun in early afternoon,
So better get out there quickly!!

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post.
Especially the ones who joined in my paper hoarding!!  

I will get around to your posts this week.

Stay safe!
Keep well!
Big hugs, 

Monday, 15 June 2020


Thank you for all the lovely messages on my last post.
Very kind of you, to take the time to drop by..

This is another stamp from Pink Ink Designs.

He is so amazing to colour and I used Distress Inks to colour him.
I also added Glossy Accents to his eye, nose and jewels on his crown.

I had a stamp that I bought at All Pally, many years ago.
It is a sentiment, which I put inside, saying:

'Wishing you a day fit for a king!'

Had to do so, didn't I?!!!

Another sunny day again today.
It certainly makes it more bearable to stay safe.

I had a sort out in my Craft Room,
 of all my papers in their storage boxes!!

I have 20 X  12"x12" boxes, 17 X  A4 boxes, 6 X  A6  boxes.
Also 12 X A4 files!!

Also, the 11 X  12" x 12" paper pads, that aren't boxed!!

Dare I say, all the boxes are full too!!

Does that make me a hoarder?!!!Lol!!

Hands up, for you all to tell us how many you have!!Lol!!

I did sort out some papers, that I would not use and have put them
in a bag, for one of the 3  the Nursing Homes I fund raise for.

They have a 24 x 7 hours, Craft Room for the residents to use.

Sadly, this year, they won't get the money they usually have
from the Craft Fayres I do.

I felt better for a bit...….until I had forgotten to include,
the Lily Of The Valley  and Hunkydory books, I have in a drawer!!! 

Oh, and the drawers, one for Vellum, another for Acetate and 
the one for Shrink Plastic!!!!

They are all full too!!

Enough!! No more secrets!!

Better get on, as I still have one A4 box to go through.

I have even had the strength, to half fill a Charity bag,
with all the very small scraps I had kept!!

I know why I kept them!! I thought I could cut a small butterfly
out of the 3cm X 3cm piece!! Sad!!

Hope you are all staying safe and please be careful, if 
you decide you really need to go and visit the big stores,
that open today!!! 

Big hugs,

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Pooh Bear Book

Sorry I haven't been around lately but life has
been a bit tough. 
I am now finding it difficult to make things,
when I am not sure if we will do any Craft Fairs
before Christmas.

I have had this fabric for a while now. 
I also have the same images, on a pale blue fabric,
so I made a book for a new baby boy too.

I put some wadding between a piece of card and 
the fabric. Then stretched the fabric and stuck it 
onto the piece of card.  
Then added a some ribbon and a metal butterfly.
Then glued it to the front of the book.

The teddy bear stamp, is one of my all time favourite bears!!
He is quite big and is still on his wooden block!!

I stamped him onto Langton smooth watercolour card.
I painted him with Distress Inks.

Added some Glossy Accents onto his eyes and nose.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. 
I have a few things in draft and will try to post them.

Stay safe and keep well.
Big hugs,

Monday, 18 May 2020


Morning all!!
Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post.

With the sadness of the last few weeks, within my circle
of friends and family, your messages were kind and uplifting.

I just thank goodness for having the best hobby you can have!!
You can make things, that make you smile and not all Sympathy cards.

This project made me smile for the days it took to make!!

What isn't visible, is that her face and ears are 3D.
I stamped and coloured her head twice.
The flowers and leaves are all die cuts.

Now tell me, she certainly makes you smile!!! 
Or, Are You Having A Giraffe!!!Lol!!

Sorry, just had to add that quip!!

To colour her and the flowers, I used a palette of water colours, 
that I bought in Hobbycraft. 
They were half price, so I had to have them!! (Rude not to!!)

I used Langton Smooth Water Colour pad, that I 
also bought in Hobbycraft. I then mounted it onto a canvas.
Guess where I bought the canvas?!!!!

I edged the card with TH Distress Oxide, Faded Jeans.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. It certainly lifts you
mentally and physically, pottering in the garden.

Stay home and keep safe.

Big hugs,

Monday, 11 May 2020

Pretty Purple

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy!

I fancied to use some vellum for a change. 
I hadn't realized just how much I had......a whole drawer full!!
So I used it for the stamped flowers, which are from 
Honey Doo and used Wow white embossing powder.
Coloured on the back of the flowers and leaves with Copics.

The background on the left is also vellum,
 that I had stamped many years ago, using Stazon ink!!!

In fact I had loads of A4 pieces stamped with 
different colours and stamps! Ooops!!

I hope this is all going to go away before the Summer. 
My son is getting married on the 4th September and
we don't want to have that date changed.

I was trying to get down to a size 12 before then, but
I am not getting the exercise I should be!!
So I might have to stick with being size 14!!Lol!!

Well enjoy the sunshine while it is with us.

Big hugs,

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Bears In A Row

Hi and a big thank you for all my lovely messages,
on my blog and on my Facebook page.
You are all so kind. 

What an awful few weeks we have had!!
I certainly will never forget it.

When I lost my Mojo, I happened to find a couple of 
Cross stitch kits, I have had for many years!
So obviously I had to pick the biggest one to do!

It's on 28 count linen and measures 18" x 9" and has 39 colours!!
If you don't know what I am talking about, 
there are 28 holes in 1 inch of fabric!!

In the kit there was Aida fabric to do it on. 
Not being a lover of that, I found some Even Weave Linen
in my stash. It's a much softer fabric than Aida.

Just a few threads!!

It took me a whole evening, getting these threads onto the 
holders. Writing the colour code for each one.
On the chart, each colour has a symbol. So on the chart colour list, 
I wrote which holder they were on, 1, 2 or 3.
It was worth doing, otherwise I would have to look on 
every holder to find the colour I wanted!!

This will be the picture when it's finished!!
When that will be, maybe Christmas!!
It's not just the bears. All of the background is also stitching!!

Once again, thank you for your kind messages.

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Thank goodness for being crafters!!!

Big hugs,

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Book an Owl!!

This is a book box, using different papers and colours, 
right on the outside edge of my normal go to colours!!

On my screen it looks grey but it is actually
black and Denim blue. The papers are from 
Anna Marie Designs. I bought both the 6" x 6"
and the 8" x 8" pads. 
So the cover is using the 8" and
the little birds I cut them from the 6" pad.

I fussy cut the little birds, even their tiny beaks!
I now know why it got the name 'Fussy cutting'!!
I am not a lover of a white edge. I won't even use dies to
cut detailed images. It's very therapeutic too.

It's another sad day today, as I have lost another friend.
She was in her 90's and had been very poorly with
a nasty Cancer. 
She had been a friend for about 29 years and loved her to bits!!

That is 3 friends I have lost within 10 days. 

When is this going to stop?!!!

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

Big hugs,

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Birdie Heart

Hi, hope you are all being good and staying safe 
in your own homes!!

I have had a text this morning from my friend, Lorraine,
saying that her Dad, our neighbour, passed away at 10pm 
last night. 
I am so shocked, as she has lost both her parents in 1 week.

I am sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs, but I am 
having a problem with my knees. I have had one replacement 
about 7 years ago and the other one is now very painful. 
I am finding it hard to sit at my craft desk, 
computer desk or even my laptop, being too heavy on my knee..

I can take pain but not like this. I am even finding it difficult 
to walk around the house. It's the dreaded Osteo-arthritis. 
Also my fault for spending 5 hours working in the garden!!
It's been in pain for 11 days now and getting boring!!

This a paper mache heart I have had for a few years. 
So as I had some pretty tissue in my stash, I had a play 
with it on the heart. 

I cut out some of the bigger flowers and the birds, stuck them 
onto scraps of card and then used Pinflair Glue gel to 3D them. 
This was done a few weeks ago. 



Well I have to go now, as my knee feels like a red hot poker is
being twisted in my knee joint. An ice pack is called for now!! 

My neighbour came out of hospital and the following day, 
 he was taken back in. Now fighting for his life on a ventilator!

If that wasn't enough, one of my very old friends is very 
ill with cancer.
A lovely, very kind lady and will miss her very much. 
A friend for 29 years.

What a happy time we are having this year!! ....Not!!!

Big hugs,

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Happy Birthday Sister

Happy Birthday Sis!!
Had a good chat this morning and hope you enjoyed the 
rest of your birthday.

Sadly, this wasn't the only card I had made.
My neighbour's wife passed away yesterday, from 
Alzheimer's, which she had for many years.

He was in hospital too, with a dislocated shoulder and 
then got the Coronavirus. He came home yesterday.

Their Daughter and I very close friends and it doesn't
feel right, not being able to give her a big hug.
Or going in to see her Dad is ok!

What a horrible time to be living in!!

Sorry this is not an uplifting post but it can only
get better, I hope!!

Stay safe,
Big hugs,

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

A Quicky CAS

Right!! Who pinched my Mojo?!!!!

This card took a long time to make!
It took all of 20 minutes to put together.
That was mainly cutting all the pieces
 of the flower and the butterfly.

It took days to decide what I was going to do!!
I think it was the distress of no Easter Egg!!

The background was a die, which cut out the card blank
and I then backed it with a piece of purple Mirri.

Six pieces of Candy and a crystal in the centre of the flower.

That's it done!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

Thank you for all your lovely messages on my last post.
It lifted the atmosphere we are living in at the moment.

Big hugs,

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

An Old Frame

I have been having some fun with my airdry clay. 
It's quite relaxing, because if you don't like what you have made,
you just squash it in your hand and start again!!

 I have had this old wooden frame in my craft room
for ages, along with a few others. They were waiting for
me, to have the time to play with some ideas, to  make them 
look a lot better than they did. 

I gave it a base coat of Gesso and then a coat of grey paint.
Then came my crackle paint layer.

While that was drying, I made my roses with my Hearty Clay.
It was a first attempt at making the Calla Lily.

There we are, finished at last!!

Just a quick post and there are more sitting in my draft list!!

Have you got an Easter Egg? I haven't had one for years!!

I hope you are all staying home and safe.

My neighbour is in hospital with the Virus but appears
to be getting better. Everything crossed for him and his family.

Big hugs,

Friday, 3 April 2020


This is a set of stamps that I have had for at least 
12 or 13 years!! There are 2 sets in one pack and
I have 2 packs. I think they are Woodware stamps.
They have all been used......a long time ago!!

They are coloured with Distress Inks. 
Looks like the butterfly on the left has lost it's colour! That's
taking photos with the sun streaming in the window!!
Not complaining about the sun, as it does give you a lift!!
Well it does me!! And boy do we need a big bit of a lift!!

Thank you for your lovely messages on my last post. 
They give me a lift too. 
I cancelled my scan appointment at the hospital, which was
on Good Friday. They said they would have probably cancelled it anyway.
So still doing the drops in my nose twice a day. 
Got another 4 weeks of that!!

So stay at home and keep safe in this scary time.

Big hugs,

Thursday, 2 April 2020

It's A Bag

Hi, all my lovely followers and thank you for the lovely
messages on my last posting. You are all so kind.

This one will be short and no rambling, to bore tears😂

This is the last bag I have to do, as Hobbycraft are no longer 
selling them.
I still have this one but it is sold. 

The background card is so beautiful and looks much nicer in real life.
 It may show up better if you click on it to make it bigger.
It is similar on the other side too.

Well thats it from me. I am struggling with my Mojo.
Okay some days and other days not interested.
We are not used to have to look at the same 4 walls, 24/7!!
I always wished I could have one day to be bored!!
Never again!! Just not used to all this free time!!

Stay safe in your home,
big hugs,

Friday, 27 March 2020

Bits Of Slate......Or Is It?!!!!

I hope you are keeping well and safe, in this 
awful time we are having this year.

It's just surreal and can't wait for it to go away!!

I am trying to do different things, now that I have the time to play!!

I do like the look of slate but a bit pricey for what 
I would do with it. So I thought I could try to make
something to look like slate. So this is what I made!!

The bigger flowers I made with clay and the small roses are from 
Hobbycraft. The cream fillers are from Anna-Marie Designs.

This was the first one I tried to make. The flowers are from Hobbycraft.
They do sell some flowers with tiny beads around the centre
of the flowers. As I have had minute beads, in a few different 
colours for years, I would add some myself!!

Well today, I have finished painting a drawer set, which I keep
my distress inks in. I had one side not finished!!
Don't ask me why, as it was bought over 4 years ago!!!
It was my first purchase in Beccles in Suffolk.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving lovely messages. 
Just what we need at the moment.
Thank you, to you all that left me kind messages on my last post.

Big hugs,
Keep safe,