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Wednesday 20 October 2010

My New Toy!

Hi All,
At last, this is my first card I made with the Joy! Trouvaille Die Cutting machine. It is an A4 card that I cut a half pop out front, with the card blank open. Not the easiest card to photograph for you to see the pop out piece! I will never win prizes for taking photos! I scored the front section of the card in half and laid the die, cutting side down, with the middle of the die in line with the score line. I taped it in place with low tack masking tape, turned it over so the cutting side was up. I then placed the plate only up to the score line, therefore only half of the die is under the plate. I ran it through the machine (very smooth action), and just the half of the front I wanted cut, was!! Yippee!!
I will take photos of the stages as it is not the easiest method to explain. The other good thing with this machine, is that the Indentz embossing folders will go through sideways, which they don't in the Cuttlebug, so I can make large pieces of embossed card. Also apertures can be cut in A4 card without having to fold the card.
The stamp was a Kanban fairy, very cute. Coloured with distress inks.
I am looking forward to having a bit more play time, hopefully next week.

Supposed to be having fitted wardrobes put in tomorrow or Friday. Can't wait to have some storage space. Its only been a year of waiting but seems more like 5 years! I would just like to get one room completely finished. As the decorating is down to me to do, crafting does sometimes get in the way a bit. Lol! I keep telling myself it is like crafting, just on a bigger scale!
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Carol S.xx

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