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Monday 4 June 2012

A Right Royal Day

Hi All,

Firstly I must say welcome and thank you to my new followers. It's always great to get your lovely comments.

Sorry that I haven't posted for a bit but I have been very busy, helping at the charity that I fund raise for. They were putting on an event that happens every year called "The Meal of the Year". It is an event that comes down from head office with rules to follow. The theme for the meal had to come from memories of the residents, of things that they remembered  happening during the reign of the Queen. Racing came up a few times, so a day at Ascot Races was agreed on.

I made the invitations for the guests from head office and the judges. The whole event will be judged and a winner from all the houses will be named.

The idea of a picnic was agreed but they wanted all guests to have their own 'picnic box'. I suggested shoe boxes and we went with them. My husband got most of them, 30 were needed, from a shop near where he works. We had to include the residents in the preparation and we took photos of them decorating their hats.
 The residents also painted and decorated some of the boxes.
This picture is a roll call of some of the staff. From left to right, Wendy the Admin manager. Jane a carer, as well as the lady to her left. The lady in the navy dress and red belt is Rita. She is the Manager of the home and to her left is Karen, who also does admin. 
This is one of the 'posh' boxes I made for the judges from head office. Still just a boot box, I made 3 red and 2 blue. I embossed card in my Joy die cutting machine, for the body of the box and topped with Grand Nesties Label 4 for the centre piece. Made the paper roses from punched papers.
I did a couple of small table centres and I did this arrangement for 'The Royal Enclosure'! It was so hot I was worried that the flowers wouldn't last.
 This amazing cake was made by Rita, the home manager. It was a stunning centrepiece.
The Royal couple sat in the corner of the Royal Enclosure but didn't want anything to eat!! Even though it was really hot last Tuesday, they had to have a rug over them as they were legless! Spot the corgi next to the queen. Wendy had a hand in the making of these. She also made lifsize soldiers with William and Harry faces. I did help a bit with those.

I have loads more pictures but I didn't want to overload my post. The day was amazing, with races for everyone to bet real money on. Even a real horse came complete with jockey.

We now just have to wait to see where we came in the competition., as all the other houses have to have their day judged.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend and I will post again in the week as I am on holiday next weekend. Yippee!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Carol S.xx


Unknown said...

Wow looks like a fabulous day, Mary x

Shelly said...

What fabulous makes, looks like the day was a hit! Shelly x

Sandra said...

Wow I can see you have been busy Carol. What a way to make an event memorable. Stunning creations.
Sandra x