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Monday 15 July 2013

Saved By A Stamp

Hi Everyone,
I have been very remiss and not posted for a while. We have had a holiday away in Suffolk and Norfolk, visiting a friend that we had not seen for 21 years.  That was great fun and he was a great tour guide, taking us places that we would never have seen without him. He has lived there for 10 years, so knows his way around.
My husband had to speak to our Doctor yesterday. At the end of the conversation, he asked my husband if we had been to Snape Maltings (a very small place in Suffolk) last week. My husband said we had. Our doctor had seen
him and thought he had recognised him and then saw me and realised we were his patients. Small world.
Also my daughter moved house last Friday. They were exchanging contracts and completing, all on the same day! I won't bore you with all the problems that arose on the day, but all were resolved about 4.30 pm! We were packing boxes and the lorry all day, hoping that they did not have to unpack the beds again!
They are all now in their lovely new house, which I know they will be happy in, as it has a lovely feel about it.
This card I made a couple of weeks ago, for the admin manager at the charity I support. The manager asked me to do it for all the staff to sign.
I had a list of her 'likes', some of which I knew. I knew that she loved bright colours and wine! But I had a mental block as to where I would start.

I also knew she had a great love of angels. So I adapted a LOTV Christmas angel, changing the shape of the holly leaves and colouring the berries with pink, joining them together to look like a flower. The background was just white card put through an embossing folder that was a free gift with a mag.

Inside were a number of pages, decorated with some funny images and some more of her likes.

I don't know if you feel the same as me, but I would love to see some rain! In my younger days I loved it really hot. Comes from my Maltese side of the family- my Mum! Now I am a bit more mature (Lol!) it makes my ankles swell and saps my energy. I do like seeing the sun but just wish you could lower the temprature a bit.
We have a huge conservatory that is our dining room. At this moment it is 35degrees in it. All the windows are open, including the roof. The french doors are both open. The roof glass has screening film on the inside of it and the glass is supposed to have built in screening too. I hate to think what it would be if it was all closed up and without screening! Salad again tonight!
Thank you for visiting my blog and I promise to try and post a bit more often!
Carol S.xx


Unknown said...

Hi Carol ,lovely bright card and so personal I see you are having as much trouble as me with regular blogging however have posted to day and planning to keep it up, so we shall see how it goes xx

Pop's Cards said...

Hi sweetie this is gorgeous, hugs Pops x

Elise said...

Oh my! This is so BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors and all the little details on here!

Big Hugs,

Shelly said...

Hi Carol, sounds like you had a fab holiday. And you're like me, I love the sun but sometimes I long for rain. Love your card, great details xx