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Monday 7 December 2015

And Now!!!!!!

It's 6 months today, since we accepted our first full asking price
on our bungalow!!
And we are still here!!
Photos of now as promised!!
All the work tops have been taken off the walls, along
with the storage on the walls above the desk.
Very depressing! 
The wall units are now on the floor, with a section of worktop
balanced on the top of them. Just so we can use the computer.
Desk top leaning against the wall, along with the under desk shelving.
Dollshouse in bubble wrap.
Boxes full of stash!
Boxes of paper gone! Packed in crates! 

How I hate mess and this is really getting to me!
The joy of being a 'Virgo'!!
The whole house is just piles of boxes and very claustrophobic.

We are hoping to exchange contracts today but we don't
think it's going to happen.
They did try last Friday but the bottom of the chain
wasn't ready.
All the rest of us are sitting surrounded by boxes, waiting for
the solicitors at the bottom to get on with the job!!!! (SCREAM!!)
I think the problem is, that you have no control over what is happening.
Other people are dealing with it and you cannot speak to them and with
some of them, you are just a piece of paper in a file!!!
We are very lucky with our solicitor, as she just gets on with things
and is always there to speak to.
She is absolutely brilliant and keeps us informed as to what is going on.
She also has a great sence of humour to ease the stress.
All in all she is the best!!
Even the agent we are buying through says it too.
Shame the others are not as efficient!
Hope to have good news soon.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

I am a libran and feel for you with your mess and all those boxes. Fingers crossed for good new soon x

Carole said...

What can I say! I do so very much hope for you that you will be exchanging soon and on the move, then think of the joy as you unpack all that crafting stuff and rediscover what you had forgotten you had! I have my fingers crossed for you!.........keep smiling . Hugs xx

Chrissy said...

I'm Aries Carol..and so organised..I hate boxes and mess too and when we moved along time ago the car had to get out of the shed and the boxes went order too..colour coded..labelled..sorted into rooms..etc..anything to keep it my husband nuts!!We lived inside the house with 2 of everything for 3 weeks..but at least it was organised..


The Little Stamper said...

Hi Carol. You have my absolute sympathy as my parents have been in the same boat. They sold their house with no trouble in what seemed like a very simple train, but there were lots of bumps along the way and it got really stressful for them at times. Like you they were packing as much as they could hoping to finally exchange. The good news is that they finally moved just over a week ago and life can begin to return to normal once again,……..I am sure it will work out for you too, once you get that Exchange! Take care and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Sharon x

Annette said...

Oh Carol I'm so sorry for you. I think the solicitors make it so complex sometimes. Hope it happens for you really soon.

Sarah said...

Fingers crossed that you won't be waiting too much longer xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Carol I hope your move goes through for you soon. I'm a virgo too so completely understand all those boxes must be driving you mad! Hopefully it will all be worth it soon!
Hugs Lynsey x

Diane said...

Oh Carol moving is such a pain, I am keeping my fingers crossed everything will move along quickly and you can finally move.

Hugs Diane

Elise said...

oh goodness gracious. :( I'm so sorry to see this Carol! I truly do hope things will get moving along very quickly for you .. crossing my fingers and toes!

Big hugs,

Jacee said...

Oh dear Carol, I've had a dose of that myself in the past, frustrating dos'nt even begin to cover it, I know how you are feeling right now, it's an awful time just waiting for it to get the go ahead, I do hope things get sorted and things start to happen very soon.
Hugs Jacee
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Rainey's Craft Room said...

You have my sympathy Carol, I think I would feel the same as you do surrounded by all those boxes and upheaval. I do hope you contracts exchange soon and the next leg of your journey can begin.
Take care and try not to get stressed too much.