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Friday 15 November 2019

Snow and Advent Calendar.

A very quick post. 
Firstly, a big thank you to the 6 lovely people
that left me messages on my last post.

As I explained, my lack of posting is due to the 
very busy time for Craft Fairs for me.

I have now completed 23 Fairs and only 5 more to do!!
Most of them have been very busy and I have sold a lot
of my makes. Great for my charity but late nights for me!!

I have now sold 29 of my baubles!! Crazy!!

This Mr & Mrs Snow sold on it's first outing. 
I have made another one for my next fairs this weekend.

I did also mention on a post that I was doing a cross stitch
 Advent Calendar. I have finished it now and will be 
posted to my Grandson shortly.
I haven't used Aida for many years, as
I prefer the finish that linen gives. 

I had finished all the cross stitch but I then had to find
time to sew it all together and also attach it to 
a piece of card for the backing.


Well back to my desk to finish a little project. 

Thank you for visiting and will catch up with you shortly.

Big hugs,


Kath said...

These are both fabulous makes Carol - love the snowmen and your advent calendar is lovely too.
Kath x

Carole said...

Well you have been a busy bee!..and a successful one too by the sounds of it..well done. Your creations are lovely, no wonder they sell well and your advent calendar makes a lovely keepsake for that Grandson of yours...something I am sure he will treasure. xx

Doris knippenenplakken said...

Gorgeous snow figures, very beautiful.
What a nice job the advent calendar looks beautiful.
Have a great weekend, Hugs Doris x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

That snowmen dec is fabulous. Great cross stitching too. I am only just back into cross stitching so not sure I could cope with trying to do it on linen yet

Sarah said...

I absolutely love seeing what you have been up to and these are wonderful Carol. The snow couple are adorable but the star is that magnificent advent calendar, what a fabulous heirloom piece, every stitch done with love. What a lucky chap your Grandson is xx

Lynne said...

Mr. & Mrs. Snow are so sweet. Pleased you have been doing well with your fairs and that advent calendar is a wonderful gift for your grandson. I'm the same as you, I prefer evenweave linen, but sometimes with little things Aida does the job perfectly x

Chrissy said...

Mr & Mrs Snow are FABulous Carol, so cute and I love your cross stitch advent calendar..keep crafting, take it easy and hopefully you can get ahead in the Summer ready for next year..