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Friday 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas and a Great New Year!!

Happy Christmas everyone,
Only a few hours to go! I have finally put the last of my Christmas bits away in a box, so my craft room is now back to normal!! Even quite tidy I might ad!!!Lol!
This is an Advent Calendar I designed and did a class for, at The Craft Barn in Lingfield, where I used to be a tutor, a couple of Christmases ago.
Unlike last Christmas, which was a non event, as we were living in one room out of boxes, with building works still in full swing! This Christmas, as we have now nearly finished unpacking, we are having a proper one! I found this in a box, tucked away in the loft.
I made a more simple one this year for my Grand-daughter, out of matchboxes. This one was made with 24 individual boxes! Not many of the 12 in the class, finished it on the day!
It was a bit of fun and they just had to decorate it at home. I remember I was exhausted at the end of this class!

As we had no room for a tree last year, we have 2 this year!! And we finally have carpets on the floors, right through!!Yipee!!

So Happy and a peaceful Christmas to everyone and a great 2011. Thank you and best wishes to all of my followers,
Carol S.xx

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Helen said...

Happy Christmas to you too - that advent calendar is gorgeous!

Helen x