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Tuesday 29 March 2011

A Bit More Fusion!

Hi everyone,

Light evenings are back! Hooray! I detest the winter and darkness at 3.30pm. Thank goodness that is over and Spring has finally arrived. My garden looks so pretty with loads of Daffodils and Hyacinths bobbing their heads. The bluebells are well on their way to flowering next.

This is another of my attempts at Paint Fusion. Definitely more difficult than the Daisies.

I have enjoyed this very much, as it is such a different way to paint to my fave Distress Inks. It is also much quicker. You can complete a whole piece of work in the time it would take me to paint a couple of flowers!
I especially like to paint the leaves, as they are, complete with shading, finished in seconds!

I have also painted a candle but not entirely happy with the result. My friend said it looks great but I am not so sure.

I find myself looking around the house now for things to paint. The husband won't stand still long enough!!Lol! And he is too hairy!!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back soon,


Carol S. xx


Unknown said...

This is soo fabulous, bought mine at the launch but cant get time to even unpack them. Keep up the good work, i love the inspiration. Mary x

Jessica said...

Brill - really lovely. Jxx

Lynsey said...

Wow Carol, what lovely art work.
Hugs Lynsey x