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Saturday 20 August 2011

Room 2 - The Hat Shop

Hi everyone,

I haven't had time to take pics of Christmas cards but hope to do so over the weekend. So here is the next room in my Dollshouse.

Thank you for the lovely comments on The Kitchen. I have always been fascinated with miniatures and soon found out just how difficult making something so small can be. The rewards, however are immense.

The Hat Shop is in the basement, alongside the kitchen and has its own front door. I have made all the hats, gloves and parasoles in the shop.

The 2 ladies in the picture below I bought undressed and made the clothes myself. All the fabrics, trimmings etc I use, are also 12th scale.

The display cabinet on the back wall, I made from Balsa and acetate. The hat boxes I make, always seem to look too big but they are the size for the hats. I then saw some in a hat hire shop near me and some of them are huge!Lol!

The silver coloured stand with the pink hat on, is actually a salt pot I bought in a car boot sale! The pepper pot is in following picture with the purple set on. The table is made from acetate.

In the picture below, the purple parasol is a cocktail umbrella I covered with silk fabric and yes it does work! It also has a matching hat and handbag. In the little blue box on my Balsa wood shelf, is a pair of leather gloves I made.

The cabinet below I made from 2 plastic boxes. They came with some German porcelain items I bought for the bathroom. I covered the center join with a strip of wood, which also holds the boxes together. I made the base separately, so I can lift off the top. That way I can change the display items.
In the right hand side box is a red leather bag and matching gloves I made. They go with my red hat standing on the cabinet.
In the left box, the bottles I made from beads and findings. I used to go to car boot sales, looking for suitable jewellery that I could take apart.

The hat below is actually purple but for some reason looks dark blue! The folded parasol is just a circle of fabric, which I added some trimmings on. I then rolled it around a cocktail stick and tied it on with a piece of silk ribbon. Added a small flower, a bead as a handle and an eyelet on the other end to hide the edge of the fabric. The stand is a cotton reel I painted and trimmed.

Like most crafts, you can make things very cheaply by recycling. You will be surprised by some of the things I have used! In doing so you get a great deal of satisfaction. I must add it doesn't always work out though!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and I really do appreciate you lovely comments.

Carol S.xx


Unknown said...

Beautiful! The detail is amazing, Mary x

Jessica said...

Fantastic Carol - it's a true work of art. Every little detail is superb. Jxx