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Sunday 23 October 2011

A Fusioned Clock and Origami!

Hi everyone,

Well I had a good market on Saturday. I met a lot of very nice people as usual and managed to sell quite a lot too!

This is my latest clock that I Fusioned for a change!Lol!

I painted it on Acrylic board and then mounted it onto a thick piece of card for stability.

I do like these Daisies, as you can do them any colour. The background is a Duck Egg Blue Emulsion tester pot.
I used my Adirondack Gold Dauber on the numbers. I then inked them with Versamark ink and embossed them with 2 coats of clear embossing powder. I used pale gold Card Candy for the other numbers.

In my title I added 'Origami'.

On Saturday at the market, I met a little girl called Lila, who is 8 years old. I had been chatting to her Mother and she told me that Lila liked to do Origami. Lila at this time, was wandering around the stalls.

She approached me and told me that she loved doing Origami.

She then took out a piece of paper from her bag, the size of the piece in the picture below.
In less than a minute she had folded the paper and made the swan.
The butterfly was so complicated, loads of folds! I have no idea how she remembered them all!
It did take a little longer to fold but still not very long. I was amazed.

I told her that I would put my story about her, with pictures, on my blog. I am sure you will agree, she is very talented. She was also a very pretty and polite little girl. I hope I will see her again but she lives in Hampshire and was visiting in Crawley Down.
Well thank you for visiting my blog and please come back soon.


Carol S.xx


Louise said...

Wow, wow, wow Carol!! There was a sharp intake of breath when I saw your fabulous clock, you really are very talented xx
And well done to Lila, your swan and butterfly are beautiful :)

Lila Smith said...

hello everyone

this is Lila
thank you for looking
at my origami
and thank you Carol
for saying such nice
things about me !

Jessica said...

Fantastic Carol - the clock is amazing and what a genius use of card candy - bet no one has tried that before!!!! Love the origami too. Jxx

babar said...

Really a fantastic way to design a clock in such a beautiful manner.
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Heike said...

Wow, what a great clock!

And Lila's origami figures look fab. She seems to be very talented.

Hugs, Heike x