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Monday 19 December 2016

Dollshouse Decorated For Christmas - An Addition - The Outside of House

Deck The Halls
I have had a few requests to see my 
 Dollshouse decorated for Christmas. 

To build the house, put in all the electrics,
put in all the individual planks for the flooring.
To do all the interior decoration etc
took me just under 3 years.
It is all made to 12th scale.
My Hubby did help put on the front door!

The tools I used was a Scalpel knife set from 
the £1 shop, Balsa wood,  Sand paper 
and Mahogany wood stain.

So hear we go...Loads of pics!!
A cup of tea required I think.
I forgot to put this photo on of the actual house!!
And then I chopped off Santa's head!

The Kitchen and the hat shop are in the basement.
There is also a garden there but I want to change it

The climbing roses I made from paper. Each rose 
took 9 pieces of 18th of an inch hole punch pieces.
There are 60 roses and buds.
I made the wreath and topiary ball from ultra  small 
punched pieces of Holly.

The Drawing room.

 I made the Christmas tree from a Flue Brush,
 for cleaning full size chimneys. 
Took me ages to cut down to the shape
I wanted, as it was so hard to cut.
I made the crackers from paper and the candy canes from Fimo.

I made the Holly and Ivy bower from very tiny punched pieces.
The Christmas cards are the smallest I have ever made!!
And the stockings I made from felt.

My Hubby bought the sofa and chairs for me in Spain.
The stair carpet, floor rug, cushions, fire screen and bell pull
I have cross stitched on Linen to 12th scale.

Grandma's knitting I did on pins.

The Kitchen

The cook is preparing the turkey and has got the stuffing ready!
A couple of joints, made with Fimo, on the butchers block. 
The block was the first piece of furniture I made
The table was the next piece, along with the plate rack 
and the wall shelving.
Also the cupboards at the back.
The fruit and veg I made with Fimo.

All on this table I made with Fimo, including the mixing bowl.
The cherry pie is in a Beer bottle lid!!

Cabbage, Cauliflower and Carrots waiting preparation. Made
from Fimo and were not very easy to make.
The box I made from my Balsa wood scraps.

All the doll's clothes and hair are hand made too.
None of the rooms had a Chimney Breast, so I had to make my own.
The kitchen one was the biggest, as I wanted an inglenook style.
I used Balsa Wood to build the main shape, 
which I used the brick technique on.
I then carved a piece and coloured it to look like an oak beam.
I made a quick shelf to go above the beam.
I used to do Cane Basket Weaving and made full size
carpet beaters. I made the one on the side of the fireplace.
It took a while for me to remember how I used to do it!!
Then to scale it down to 12th scale was fun!!

The Dining Room

The maid is laying the table for dinner.
The glasses on the table have liquid candle making 
stuff in them, to look like wine.

The cupboard, bottom right was a piece I made from Balsa wood.
This is one of my favourite pieces I made.
Inside it. there is the turkey cooked ready for the table.
Also the Christmas pud and cake!

The table centre was very fiddly to make but the cloth
etc were very quick and easy.

The Study.

 I built the floor up at the back to make a library area.
The desk was one of first large items I made.
Very rustic! It does have a leather top but
the finish is not like the other furniture I made after.

I bought the captains chair I bought but made the big chair at the back.
 From Balsa Wood and covered it with leather, stitching through the 
wood for a button back effect.
The telescope was made from a straw and cocktail sticks.

The master bedroom.

All the furniture, other then the chair was bought in Spain.
Most of the accessories I made, bedding, cushions, rugs,
hats and hat boxes.
The perfume bottles I made with beads.

The Nursery

The rocking horse was a gift from Hubby .
I bought the rocking chair and high chair.

The rest of it I made, even the baby walker, 
complete with bricks in it and it pushes along too!
The hardest to make was the rocking crib.

Balsa wood bed and wardrobe.
Patchwork bed cover and a dress, knitted on pin like needles.
The book has pictures in it.

The Nanny

Holding the 1 1/2" baby, whose whole outfit I knitted with thread, 
a bit thicker than sewing cotton, on pin like needles.
It consists of dress, coat. hat, knickers and booties!

The Bathroom.

I bought everything in this room,
 other than the laundry basket and towels.

The geyser, on the left and the range in the kitchen, I bought from a
company in Germany. Very expensive but well worth it.
For both items, you get small special candles that you put inside them.
If you make a hole in the side of the house and connect to the chimney.
Then light the candles, smoke will come out the chimney!

And finally!!!! If you are still awake......
Santa on the roof with his sack of pressies.
Think he helped himself to a bottle of wine too!!!

Hopefully you were not too bored but I had so many friends 
telling me I should put pictures on my blog, 
I finally got around to doing it.

I would love to read your comments.

Big hugs,

Carol xxxx


Carole said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Carol...this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! What fantastic attention to detail, everything so painstakingly thought are one very clever lady and should be so very wonder your friends thought you should really is stunning! Hugs xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

I have seen this IRL though not decorated for Christmas. It is incredible. You should send some pics to Kirstie Allsopp.

Gunner Rose said...

Stunning, the detail is incredible!

Chrissy said...

Every room and every detail is just amazing Carol..outstanding work..imagine if I could shrink down, I could live in there..and I would be very happy..amazing and wonderful work..


Felicity-Ann Bags said...

I want to come over and play dolly house with you. I hope you don't let any small people touch it....!!! Sally

Diane said...

Wow Carol your doll house is just spectacular. I love all the details.

Hugs Diane

Ann said...

Ann x

Felicity-Ann Bags said...

I've just looked at the ohotos again and I've seen even more details the second time around. Yiu must have the best eye sight to do this work!!

Sarah said...

This is absolutely magnificent Carol, it's perfect in every way and the details are clever girl!! xx

Eileen said...

Wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing work and attention to detail. You must have so much patience, especially knitting on pins. It's a wonderful creation Carol, We should give out Oscars for Craft, and you would win hands down
Eileen x

aussie aNNie said...

WOWOWOW Carol you rock.xx

Elise said...

Wowwww Carol! Your dollhouse is AMAZING just like I knew it would be! Oh my gosh .. all those details .. I'm blown to bits!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us .. wow wow wow! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas sweetie!

Big hugs,

Mary said...

Hi Carol, a newbie to your blog. I love your Dollshouse, it is incredible what you have made. I have two, one is Victorian and the other is Tudor. I still have some work to do in my Tudor one but have now got interested in embroidery! Will certainly be following you for more ideas. X

Doris knippenenplakken said...

WOW this is Amazing !
Beautiful very nice inside the house a dream home I love It .
This is really wonderful creation Carol !
Happy Holidays
Greetings Doris

Lynne said...

This is fantastic Carol and all those pieces you've made yourself! You put me to shame as my dolls house has been neglected. I'm only up to the decorating stage but it's been stood there like that for the last 5 years! I'll have to get a move on x

Lynsey said...

Wow Carol this is stunning! I could live in that house!
Hugs Lynsey x