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Monday 9 March 2020

Spot The Cat!!

Spot the cat and not the one at the bottom
corner of the card!!

Just found this card in 'Draft' and now see
why I didn't post it!! Photo was rubbish, as it
was taken on a grey day. So I just went into
my image program and lightened it a bit.

It is a very old stamp and took ages to colour!
I mainly used Copics, with a few Tombows
thrown in!!

I nearly just threw it into the bin, but managed
to finish it!! Phew!!!

Thank you for taking the time, to leave me such lovely
 messages on my last two posts.
You are all so kind. 

I am a bit excited, because I have been asked if I 
would like a table on Saturday 14th March, 
at a Craft Fayre in Southwold town.
Omg!! I have so wanted to get into this town!!

Oh, an update on my nose (saga) problem. Went to see a 
ENT Consultant at our local hospital last Thursday.
He stuck a camera up my nose! Not nice!!
He thought it could be a number of different things. 
Had a blood test as always. If that is ok, I will get a date to 
have a Cat Scan. If nothing shows up on that, 
I will the have to have an MRI Scan.

Having to do a nasal washout 6 times a day and
waiting for my surgery, to process a script for
nose drops, to be used for 8 weeks!!! Ugh!!

On that note, I am going back to my desk,
as I want to do something that came to me,
just before I got out of bed!!
But I must finish the 3 items on my desk, 
that I am still in the 
middle of putting them together. 

Do you have 'light bulb ' thoughts and 
then can't wait to do it?!!

I might have another post, if it works.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You know I love to
read your lovely messages and then I 
can pop over to your blogs too.

Big hugs,


Lia said...

This is so nice and colourful. Great work!
Lia xx

Lynne said...

A lovely card Carol and I can see why it took a while to colour, but the quilt looks lovely. Sorry to hear you're having to go through it with your nose problem and let's hope the nose drops help. I would fancy the nasal washout though. Yes I also have "light bulb" moments and I'm often thinking about designs for cards when I'm doing day to day jobs. Have a good week x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh my word that does look a hard one to colour. Good to hear you are getting treatment for your nose, hope it gets sorted.

Mrs A. said...

He does look rather comfy on that gorgeously colourful duvet. I wouldn't be moving either. It did start sunny this morning and I did a spot of weeding in the back garden until the drizzle that had started turned into full on rain. I did that with a dark photo i had taken and was surprised how much lighter just doing a minor adjustment in my photo editor made. We have the tools at our fingertips and forget to use them!! Hugs Mrs A.

Doris knippenenplakken said...

Beautiful card Carol, lovely colors.
Hugs Doris

Diane said...

Greetings Carol, sorry to hear about your nose issues, hopes things get better soon. I bet it took forever to color your fabulous quilt design.

Hugs Diane

Carole said...

Oh gosh it's all go in your house! Pretty little card..glad you didn't bin it! Hope the nose progresses in the right direction and great news about the table...get busy! xx

cotnob said...

A super card Carol, a fabulous stamp - I can see why it took so long to colour, well worth the effort though.
I hope you get your nose problems sorted soon.
Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

Chrissy said...

Oh yes, I have lightbulb moments and have notes all over the place to remind me of what I was going to do or card Carol,and I see the cat.. thank goodness for editing prorams, I use Ipiccy, it is free..good luck with your nasal passages, hope it all gets sorted for you.


Sarah said...

Wow, that is most definitely an intricate design to colour, great job and well done on completing it, it was sure worth the effort Carol. I am pleased to hear that they are investigating your nose (!!) but can't imagine the procedures being much fun for you. Light bulb moments have been few and far between for me of late...too much going on in my head for any crafty inspiration. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon. I hope the much coveted crafty sale will be a huge success for you and your wonderful pieces xx

MiamiKel said...

OH Carol, I feel like we need a cup a teat to sit and catch up! I am glad you are getting somewhere with the nose - it is maddening, I know! We went to appt after appt with my daughter and eventually it just went away. Took awhile but it will :) I am SO excited you got a table at the town you wanted - woohoo! I am sure you will delight those that visit the fayre. Now your card - WOW! all those nooks and crannies! I would go mad trying to color that, lol, but you did it beautifully - i love the pop of color with the yellow, so cheerful! Hugs! Xo

Sue - said...

A lovely fun card Carol. Hope you get your nose problems sorted. They don’t sound very nice at all!