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Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Fluffy Friend in the Red!

Hi Everyone,

This is the new man in my life! He has a very soft beard and very cool specs. I wonder who he represents?!

He started out in life as a cardboard cone and a pair of groovy boots, that I bought in Crafty Ideas. I painted the cone with Cosmic Shimmer paint and bent some wire for the specs.

Check out the boots!! They are amazing, I just love them! They would look great sticking out a chimney top. I feel a box, like a chimney is now on my to do list.

I think he will be my Christmas table centre this year. Certainly a talking point. I may make him a sack with small gifts in. He will be a fun change from holly and ivy etc.

He has got a snow ball on the top of his hat, but it appears that I chopped it off in the pictures! I think we were laughing too much.

Thanks for looking at my efforts,


Carol S. x

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